Middle Name Rose. San Francisco Based.

writer. singer. storyteller. anglophile. harry potter affionado. food lover. art appreciator. bookworm. traveler. musical theater buff. photography admirer. dreamer. dirty joke appreciator. oldies music lover. hyperbole over-user. conversationalist

About Jenna Rose Colored Glasses
Jenna Rose Colored Glasses is an insightful blog and website that values a stylish outlook on living a happy, healthy lifestyle, offering a relatable, down-to earth voice to help navigate the blooms, wilts and thorns of the millennial woman. It is thoughtfully curated to give a space online to seek life advice, read relatable pieces, and find inspiration for creative passions like fashion, beauty, design, travel and food. The title is a play on Jenna’s first and middle names, combined with the common phrase “Rose Colored Glasses” as the intention is to share a positive yet honest lens of life of the modern young woman.

About Jenna 
My name is Jenna Whitecar. I am 29 years old and a Bay Area native living in San Francisco. With a career in marketing, my B.A. in journalism and a love for writing, I started Jenna Rose Colored Glasses to learn more about the city, meet new people, and keep my writing chops up. Happily, what started as a creative outlet and side project, quickly turned into a mini business and has given me endless opportunities and adventures that I am very grateful for! I currently am a Copywriter for a lifestyle brand and have launched my own digital marketing firm, Petals Collective, specializing in content writing, influencer relations, events, and more.

Say Hi!
For sponsorships, partnerships, and collaborations, please contact me at jennarosecoloredglasses@gmail.com

Quick Fire Questions:
Personal Style:

Combining looks! Modern with bohemian, feminine with masculine, and edgy with classic, etc. I also favor colors (unless it’s a crisp white tee), fun details and textures, and florals. I probably own the least amount of black than any girl I know though I am starting to embrace it more!



My family and friends first and foremost. Singing, writing, reading, cooking (and eating!), all forms of art (abstract for the walls), zumba, improv/comedy, fresh flowers, Harry Potter, anything Italian, karaoke nights and all-natural beauty products.



Anything bland, disloyalty, the opening credits of most cable tv shows, picky eaters, when people play devil’s advocate and creepy Victorian dolls.


Drink of choice:

Ice water with lemon, kombucha, champagne.


Guilty Pleasure:

Listening to oldies and show tunes whilst drinking ice cold pinot grigio or rose AND/OR ordering pizza (ranch on the side please!) and watching old episodes of Friends or the Office for the millionth time.


Favorite Color:

I’ve had a life long love affair with shades of purple.


Wishing for:

An -oodle pup of sorts, endless funds with a blank passport (or the ability to teleport), a book deal, and all the time in the world to enjoy my family and friends.




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