It’s All About Pops of Red

Right in time for Valentine’s Day… and right in time to add a little happiness, color, and flair to winter…. reds and burgundies have been popping up everywhere! I’ve always been about this color and love incorporating pops into my outfits and decor so this is right up my alley!

I also love the warm colors of reds as I think they bring out the best in most skin tones and they stand out! (Life’s short, why get lost in the crowd?)

Right now, Old Navy has some amazing pieces from this awesome (and comfy… and soft, velvet-y feeling) motto jacket, to shoes, to bags, and more! It’s the perfect place to shop for a little extra zest to your look and with their prices, there’s no wariness of trying out a trend! And the quality is all there too! (Important!)

For this look, I decided to add a little extra with the red to make a simple shirt and pant combo more special. And the metallic silver shoes (that you can shop below too) also give a little more oomph!

Check out the links below to get this look yourself!



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