My Reverse Bucket List

This year I’m starting to shift my perspective and ways of thinking a bit. I’m going for a more minimalist approach to my environment and belongings, becoming less concerned with any opinions around me (not my business anyway), and making positive thinking and affirmations more of my mantra. Regardless of the outcome, all of these things seems to bring a sense of balance and well being into my life and I’m happy to get (and stay) on this track.

Another thing that I think is important is to celebrate a little bit more. I feel like it’s so easy to look ahead, plan, and get really focused on the things we need to do or haven’t done. It’s not being very nice or patient with ourselves—and it takes us away from “the now”.

I read this article on one of my favorite publications The Glitter Guide. It’s about creating a reverse bucket list. So making a list of all the things you can say “I did that!” about. It was such a happy, positive, simple concept that can shift someone into positive thinking so I encourage all of you out there to make one and celebrate all the fantastic things you have done!

I feel like it helped create a better perspective. It allows you to see all of the major things you have gone out there and accomplished and it helps put you in the “can do” mentality. Try it out!


My Reverse Bucket List:

  • I graduated with honors and a journalism degree from a school I loved and enjoyed learning at… and a year early!
  • I have studied dance (tap, jazz, and ballet) for many years growing up.
  • I studied piano for 8 years and can still read music and play some.
  • I moved to LA like I always said I would and spent years working, studying acting, and auditioning (and some auditions were at major studios!).
  • I was in some short films.
  • I volunteered to help sick kids.
  • I became a SAG/AFTRA union member.
  • I lived in London and traveled Europe with my best friend.
  • I lived by myself for over a year. (I also lived with friends, strangers who became friends, and my fiance—of course!)
  • I have kept up studying French and started learning Italian. (Big thanks to Duolingo and my best friend’s Italian boyfriend, Emanuele!)
  • I have explored the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
  • I walked the Victoria’s Secret Runway.
  • I have taught theater arts to kids.
  • I have sang karaoke solo and with groups (many a times).
  • I have recorded demos for recording studios.
  • I started and grew up blog. I have also worked with some of my favorite brands while growing my own brand.
  • I freelance write, most notably for PopSugar.
  • I have modeled in print and runway shows.
  • I have kept pretty much all my friendships from middle school and high school and am in contact still with at least one friend from each school I’ve ever been to (starting with preschool), as well as every job I’ve ever had.
  • I was featured on The Everygirl.
  • I became an aunt (or Zia).
  • I did indoor skydiving and trapeze (a catch and a flip!) to help me get over my fear of heights.
  • I have performed in many musicals, voice competitions, and have sang in front of large audiences.
  • I have been able to stand next to my best friends on their wedding days.
  • I have started a marketing career and found a role at a company I love.
  • I have danced on a Jumbotron at a professional hockey game.
  • I won an Easter coloring contest as a child. (The prize was awesome!)
  • I have helped with the National Anthem performance at a NFL game.
  • I interned at Extra and was able to record a reel.
  • I have stood up for friends and myself.
  • I have played both soccer and field hockey.
  • I am close to my family.
  • I read books often and have tapped into many classics.
  • I’ve seen some of my iconic artists live—Elton John, Celine Dion, Paul McCartney, and many, many more!
  • I received good grades throughout my schooling.
  • I have written half of (many) books.
  • I have entered writing contests.
  • I have taught voice lessons.
  • I have been in love and I’m marrying him 😉
  • I have been featured on large publications and in the newspaper.
  • I have seen a movie, eaten in a restaurant, and traveled by myself.
  • I’ve visited the Harry Potter studios outside of London.

Ok that’s what I can think of (and granted it took me a couple days to come up with this post to rack my brains for things that I felt that were worth mentioning!)

Obviously certain accomplishments and tasks are more noteworthy for some but I encourage all you pretty readers to write your reverse bucket list!

What I’m excited to add to it this year? Get married to my love and all the wonderful experiences that go along with that (bachelorette parties and wedding showers)! Visit New Zealand and Australia, learn to ski (coming up next weekend!), go to Harry Potter World, try to complete maybe 3/4 of one of my books, and grow the blog a bit more. Oh, oh and guess what?! I finally found a theater company so next year, I plan to get back on the stage! Woot Woot!

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with too!


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