The Knot Shop: The Online Wedding Emporium of Your Dreams!

Let’s be honest, the wedding industry is saturated with amazing ideas, concepts, themes, and more! There’s plenty out there to get those creative juices flowing, but sometimes that is just the problem. So many options and no where to look! (“A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear“- similarity, if you will… or my favorite, the cereal aisle dilemma.. too many options so you just pick Cheerios!).

So to avoid feeling overwhelmed and inundated with too many visuals, I have turned to The Knot Shop to shop gifts, decor, and details that I am looking for. It’s all curated to one spot and since they are the experts on the industry, you know you are getting the best ideas, quality products, and selection to fit your needs.

I have already gotten wonderful gifts for our wedding party, details for the bar, our champagne flutes, and our AMAZING favors that I love because they are customized playing cards. Jason and I play cards and games a lot when we are traveling or just casually watching TV together so it’s very fitting to us and our relationship. Which reminds me, there is A LOT on there that is customized so you can personalize everything to feel a little bit like you. Plus, I feel like I’m ahead of the game (pun intended) now that I have this to-do crossed off the list!

This is also a really great site for the bride who isn’t into planning or decorating because not only can you shop, it’s also a hub of inspiration for you to see what other brides are shopping for…so you can decide what you need, don’t need, or maybe what you never considered is even out there!

So check it out! We have chosen plenty of decor, details, gifts, and favors from their amazing array… and good news! When you shop at The Knot Shop

now, use code JENNA30 by February 4, 2018 and you can receive 30% off of one item! Check it out today!


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