My Favorite Netflix Original Shows Ranked

Netflix and Chill. It’s a cultural phenomenon that I think went from popular sexual innuendo to actually meaning what it sounds like. Why is this? Because the original shows that you can find on Netflix are actually that good—where the “chill” part happens after, and not during, the show.

I’m a big ole fan myself so I decided to rate my favorite shows (which I know there are a lot, A LOT, of varying opinions on this). My intent is to maybe get you onboard with a show you have yet to consider. And my number one? I ALWAYS love getting people to hop on that fan train! 😉 Check it out!

11. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I love The Office, so Kimmy Schmidt struck a chord since Ellie Kemper’s cooky, naive, yet lovable persona was one I was familiar with… and then when I saw Tina Fey was involved—whelp, that’s all I needed! It’s funny and the subtle lines and references really just crack me up!

10. Wet Hot American Summer

I’m a sucker for nostalgia… especially that of childhood where those awkward, in-between being an adult and kid years are involved because usually, hilarity ensues. And the cast? Comedic genius, check it out!

9. Grace and Frankie

Acting royalty with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda and the premise? Classic and super relevant to the discussions in this world’s climate currently. Also, it’s hilarious.

8. Love

This offbeat comedy about a couple that makes no sense together is Juno-esque. Judd Apatow is behind it so you know the kind of relatable, honest humor you are going to get out of it.

7. The Santa Clarita Diet

I hate gore (though I love ghost and creepy stories) so it makes no sense why I would love this one so much, but I do! This dark comedy finds a way to be fun, bizarre, and reels you in—comic book style!

6. Fuller House

Didn’t I tell you I’m a sucker for nostalgia? Cheesy? Absolutely! But great? Definitely! I grew up watching those characters so I’m already invested in what happens to them. Not to mention, I’m also a former musical theater kid so the slapstick, ridiculous, childish comedy with musical numbers still makes me happy…and a bit more so than the regular person. (But don’t let it fool you, some references to real life actors on the show are actually laugh out-loud worthy). But also, DJ is seriously 40-year-old mom goals! Her bod, hair, and clothes are ROCKIN!

5. The Crown

I’m an anglophile for sure and I happen to know a lot about the royal family, peerage, and the history. When I lived in London, titles were super fascinating to me because it is such a part of their societal and social standings over there, whereas in America, we love a good ole rags to riches story. So, it was natural that I would dive into The Crown. It’s a good history lesson (though of course take from it what you will, none of us were really inside those walls) on the woman who is the reigning Sovereign today. Also, I’m personally SUPER excited for them to tap into the Diana era in upcoming seasons!

4. Orange is the New Black

I definitely like some seasons over others on this show but all in all, this script and concept sucks you in with these outrageous, yet dynamic, characters who are most definitely flawed, but surprisingly (sometimes) lovable.

3. Stranger Things

I love Dustin. He’s my favorite. Ok, I just had to say that first. But this show is old school 80’s bliss mixed with a sci-fi fanatic’s dream. It’s creative, original, funny, scary and completely unlike anything else I’ve seen lately. If you like ET and Super 8, Stranger Things is your jam.

2. Master of None

This witty, relatable, 30s-coming-of-age show is raw, honest, and really entertaining. The writing is great and Aziz Ansari driving in the front seat as the leading man is unexpected but also believable.

1. Black Mirror

Ok I’m a SUCKER for creepy, make-you-think anthology series. I mean I still watch Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark? sometimes for crying out loud! And don’t even get me started on the Twilight Zone. But Black Mirror, is it’s own league in my book. It tells one-off stories about essentially mixing extreme technology with humanity and how it can all play out. It’s fascinating, leaves you either stumped, moved, or ready to discuss. A lot of stories sit with you for days. It’s a mind fu…well you know what I mean. I know this stuff isn’t for everyone but I LOVE it! This is my number one, no contest!

Alright, alright, all that being said… I know Ozark, Narcos, The Punisher, 13 Reasons Why, House of Cards, Mindhunters, The OA, Bojack Horseman are all great. And I’ve watched an episode or two of all of them (mostly because of Jason). But this is what I’ve looked forward to the most when clicking that Netflix button and seeing that lovely red screen!

If you have any suggestions too, send them my way!


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