Active Gear Doubling as Loungewear…

I’m a sucker for comfy clothes. When I get up in the morning, I never want to commit to a full blown outfit because I’m still in pajama mode. And I’m convinced that if the work day started an hour and a half later than it does, I would have enough time to ease my way out of loose, cotton-y clothes and into the less spandex-y jeans and fitted blouses.

So it should come as no surprise that when I find something versatile that doubles as cute and comfy, my heart flutters. Lately, especially since I work for a company that has a strong lifestyle and fitness element to it (aka have lots of access to workout facilities and classes), I love workout clothes that make you comfortable feeling active (and can work out in), but can also be pulled off as casual, everyday wear.

Old Navy’s active line has so many great pieces from the basics, to colorful, to form fitting to loose, that work for all sorts of movement. Whether it’s yoga, lounging, or a run—they’ve got you covered!

This little sweater is my favorite option from running errands, to working out (weather at home, which is common lately, or at the gym), to hanging out on the couch. I love it and think its the perfect piece (with the cutest back detail) that satisfies that duality need I have in my workout clothes!

And this cute back detail and bright color? I’m all in!

Shop below for some other great options for activewear sold at Old Navy:


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