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The New Year brings a lot of new feelings, but as we’ve talked a lot on JRCG, it brings a lot of self assessment and habit upgrades. My skincare routine has always been top notch (thanks Ma!), but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement, nor that I don’t love finding new techniques and products to try out.

Right now, I’m really trying to commit to new eye cream because I like the fact that I hit 30 and don’t have crow’s feet and quite frankly, I want to keep it that way for as long as I possibly can. (Though aging gracefully is important!) But of course, also, hiding any imperfections without drawing too much attention to it is the art of make up application and you need a great product to help you do so: insert the need for a kickass concealer!

Luckily, Neutrogena has a new Hydroboost cosmetic products… and the Neutrogena ® Hydro Boost Concealer is my jam! It is really fantastic at covering up any evidence of sleeplessness or any blemishes. And their Hydroboost eye cream?! Amaaazing! Keeps my soul windows looking alert and pretty! (And both products, plus all the other awesome ones in this awesome line can be found at Walmart!)

(check my video out here!)


Integrating these products into my regimen is pretty easy considering how much better I look and feel when using them. There’s nothing like using a product that actually works and makes you feel great! Also, in cosmetics, it’s important to find things that enhance your features rather than cover them up. The point is to be better, not all together different! So this concealer will do its job without hiding the things that make you you like your beautiful skin tone or freckles.

What’s more, if you are going to put something on your face and leave it there all day, it might as well have some great benefits. And this is where the Neutrogena Hydroboost comes in. We all know our skin needs to be hydrating to keep a youthful, healthy glow so any product that can make me look great but also give me a good drink for the skin is a HUGE win in my book! Also, I HATE when I am wearing a product all day and once I look in the mirror after a few hours I look dry and chapped… like a forgotten preschool art project. Yuck! This make up line completely takes that out of the equation with the hydration since I always look fresh and glowy after the few hour mark instead!

So it’s time people! Commit to beauty products in 2018 that will make you feel and look great but will also give your skin a dose of extra love… right in time for Valentine’s Day! ;o) Check out Neutrogena Hydroboost NOW!

And don’t forget text “HYDROBOOST” to 39492 or text “CLEARSKIN” to 39492 for more information!


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