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The thing with getting married is that it is a very reflective time. You need to ask a lot of special people in your life to take roles to help the day go smoothly…. and write vows, really diving into your relationship and trying to articulate why you love this person so much (if words can even do it justice)….and plan a guest list, deciding what people in your life have brought you the most joy. There’s a lot to consider and really try to be thoughtful about! Another reflective part is picking which of the friends you have will stand next to you as you say your “I Dos”.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to guest lists and wedding parties, there are so many wonderful people and it can be hard, but we have squared away this part of our decision making. I have finally asked all my leading girls…. and I’m very happy to get to have these particular ladies by my side on my wedding day.

I could only do 4 of my 6 in person when asking- and two were done by mail (they live in NYC and LA) but I made sure to get everything filmed and I put this little gem together…


So to do the introductions, my older sister Briana will be my Sister and Matron of Honor, my best friend Laurel will be my Maid of Honor, and my other besties Stephanie, Laura, Lindsey, and Jennifer will be my lovely bridesmaids. Each girl is so important to me and comes from a different part of my life. My sister, Briana and I were obviously raised together, Laurel and I met in preschool where our moms became best friends and we followed suit, Jennifer and Lindsey are twin sisters who I met in middle school and we remained best friends throughout high school to now, Laura and I went to college together, were in the same sorority, and lived together after school in LA, and Stephanie and I met in high school when we did theater together. I love that they all are a part of me in different ways and represent different eras.

Aside from the girls, my niece and nephew will be there for the ceremony (it is an adult event for the most part but they are my little hearts) and are my flower girl and ring bearer (though it has been established “ring bearer” is just a name as he is adamant that he carry a sign instead), Jason’s sisters are our Sisters of Honor ¬†and will have a special part walking down the aisle and doing readings, and my brother in law will serve as an usher! We also have his Uncle Colin set to officiate! ( The groomsman have all been yet to ask so I will keep mum about that right now… in case any of the boys are scanning my blog which I highly doubt, but you neverrrrr know).

I know being a bridesmaid is a bit commitment and undertaking and I was very excited to ask them and have a chance to spoil them a little. I put together some gift baskets of goodies to get the celebrating done right and start a year of doing fun things together!

Here is what I put in my Bridesmaid Proposal Baskets…and make sure to read below on advice to follow when putting something together that is right for you!

Basket: World Market

My wedding colors have been decided… well frankly… long, long ago. (haha) So I am using coppers and rose golds as my hardwares and these baskets were perfect as they went along with my wedding decor. I also figured they would make a nice utility basket for the home, so it was a win-win. Unfortunately for those a far, I couldn’t give them that so be sure to consider easy things to mail if you have to ship to some ladies!

Hair Ties- Etsy

I loved the little pun on it and hair ties never go to waste so it was a definite go-to for me!

Candy-AG Ferrari


These Italian candies are absolutely delicious and they helped decor the baskets and mail packages with extra treats and colors.

Presecco: AG Ferrari

AG Ferrari’s my absolute favorite prosecco (which is my favorite drink) and you can’t propose or celebrate without a little bubbly right? Also note: I still owe the out of state girls their bottles… shipping alcohol is tricky because someone has to sign so that’s another little tid bit to think about.

Flats: Talaria Flats

These flats are perfect (and designed) for weddings and I gave them to the girls to wear on my big day once their feet get a little sore! They are super adorable and beautiful too and come in cute little cases so they stay fresh and clean! Not to mention, they are foldable so the convenience for any events and traveling is perfect- just put ’em in your clutch and done!

Cards: Etsy

I loved picking out the cards and each one sort of went with the sense of humor or joke with each girl. Inside I wrote “Remember when …” and listed all of our funny memories throughout the years and at the end wrote, let’s add another memory to the list: “Will you be my…?”! It was really fun rehashing all the past memories together!

Picture: Minted

I have always been a bit of a picture fiend and this gorgeous photo art from Minted fit the bill for a beautiful present that I think they will keep with them. The rose gold heart also added a little touch that I liked because it was feminine and of course, went with my wedding colors and theme. Find this particular photo art here.

Earrings: Old Navy

Cute, simple, staple earrings never go out of style!

Wine glasses: Amazon

I bought these wine glasses for my two honors to sip on throughout the year while they plan all the events ;o)

Soaps: Whole Foods

I love a delicious smelling soap and Whole Foods has so many amazing, natural, organic beauty products so I wouldn’t have dreamed of getting them anywhere else.

Tea: Tea Drops

These tea drops are my favorite and flavor a warm cuppa unlike anything else I’ve ever had before! I’m a huge fan and hopefully the girls are too. :o)

I’m so excited and happy to have this fun part crossed off the list and am looking forward to spoiling them with more surprises on the day-of! Big thanks to my girls!

Advice on Putting a Proposal Basket Together that is Right for You

It doesn’t need to be a big production. Do what is right for you and your friends! These are supposed to be your besties, so you know best! There is always a way to make it special without breaking the bank or going too extravagant. Here is the best advice I’ve got for ya…

Go with the theme of your wedding

Odds are how you ask will go with your taste, which is reflective in your wedding so, this will likely occur naturally. For me, I did the homemade name tags and bought rose golf paper at Paper Source and had the baskets and details of the frames to follow that color scheme since it will be integrated into my wedding. But feel free to get creative. Getting married in Hawaii? Give a pineapple or a Mai Tai drink mix! Getting married on a vineyard. A great glass of wine goes a long way!


The key to everything with weddings is be concious of your finances. Unless of course you have endless funds in which case, Mazel Tov!

Pick what you think they will use

Don’t waste money! Pick things that won’t be stuffed on the shelf collecting dust. Any type of food, bar cart tool, beauty product, candle, etc.!

Always write something heartfelt

I’m big on words (obviously, being a writer!) so letting people know how much I love them is important to me. This is the perfect time to put those feelings on paper!

Make it fun

When and how you tell them can be fun! I asked my sister on Thanksgiving and had the local girls, Laurel, Jennifer, and Lindsey over for dinner. I also got Laura’s and Stephanie’s (the out of towners) husbands in on it which made it fun too! Get creative and do something you love together.

Think of things they’ll need for your wedding

The flats were perfect for that but any sort of jewelry or make-up bag or kit would work too! Be thoughtful on ways to make their lives easier!

Give gratitude!

Remember to say thank you!!!!




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