Less in More in 2018

Oh here it is again! Early January. The time where we welcome a new year and assess all our flaws and shortcomings and almost, ALMOST, believe that if we focus enough for the next twelve months, we can break the habits that we’ve spent years forming, And you know what? I love that about January!

There is something so refreshing about a second chance, starting over, setting goals, and trying to make them a reality. And since I always start a new year with a new age, it gives me a little more incentive to really put a new foot forward. And though I know there will still be days where I forget to take my vitamins, where I overindulge on my favorite foods to the point of feeling like that of a roly poly, where I don’t remember to stretch before I exercise, and that I’ll never give up swearing (because I secretly love the emphasis it can illustrate on my emotions), I love knowing that there is always an option for change and betterment.

With the most volatile, absurd, conflicting climate that this world is currently in, I’m happy that somethings so trivial can still give me that boost of hope. I’ve found that I need it more than ever and am working hard to feel rejuvenated towards my goals, whether it is for the blog, for my career, for my relationships, or for my personal growth and happiness like becoming a better listener and keeping up with singing.

However, this year, I’m taking a slightly different approach and following one general rule for 2018: less is more. I think since this is the year of my wedding (which can be overwhelming), it is wise for me to grab this mindset and run with it.

My general new year to-dos are of course the basics: plan my wedding, find more time to read, keep up with exercising, keep bringing homemade food to work for lunch, and integrating meditation into my life more often. But minus the wedding jazz, these are my goals that I don’t forget about year round. These are just staples that I always want to do. So I’m making my actual “resolution”, if you will, to embrace less. Less talking (for more listening), less expectations (for more happy surprises), less things (for more room), less pressure (for less stress), less scheduling (for more freedom – this one may be hard with wedding planning-ha!), and less caring about the small stuff (for a better perspective.

You get the gist right? What inspired me you ask?

Welp, 2017 was quite the year. I had about 10 weddings, was in 3, had many trips, bachelorette parties, changed jobs, kept up with blog responsibilities, got engaged, have planned the core of my wedding, celebrated Jason and my 30th birthdays, etc. And basically, it was just BUSY! And I noticed that because I rarely had time to recharge, everything seemed like more, and not in a good way. Little things felt more annoying, planning felt more overwhelming, and every little mess or thing that was out of place bothered me more than it should. I started noticing that my surroundings were really starting to affect me in a negative way.

In short, I got tired. Tired of my full schedule, long to-do lists, and even my belongings. So, I started with what was easiest and tapped into the feng shui of my apartment. I purged and organized and decided to take a more minimalist approach and the positive affects this has taken on my outlook to each day was phenomenal. PHENOMENAL. So, I’m starting to apply that to my life in other ways, making 2018 is the year of less so I can ironically, have more!

So there you have it, the resolutions of all resolutions, just focus on less so I can feel more abundance this year. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan!

Also, for a fun way of doing one of my usual “resolutions” of singing more, I am teaching myself “Cups” and stay tuned for a video near you because I’ve been a-practicin’!

I hope whatever it is that you readers out there want to change, do, or improve upon this year, you find the hope and motivation needed to carry out those goals and dreams. I will be rooting for you! :0)



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