Turning 30

Welp, it’s here! Today is the official first day of my thirties and I have to say, it doesn’t seem to real just yet. It’s basically snuck up on me, as everything in life has a knack of doing, so I’m ready to face it head on and welcome this new decade with open arms.


We always look at our twenties as this decade of fun, freedom, and the best of childhood and the best of adulthood. In actuality, some of that is very true. Also in actuality, it can also be the worst of both. You are sort of in the in-between (who out there appreciates my Stranger Things reference? Woop woop!) and there are about a million things that have happened in my 20s that made me feel like I was no where near being an adult nor anywhere near being a kid.


Your twenties are full of these monumental, growth spurts and experiences that seem to just keep falling from the sky endlessly, like a crazy storm that you either feel caught off guard by or that you feel total prepared for with your umbrella ready. From traveling, to breakups, to moving, to saving money, to jobs, to falling in love, to roommates, to graduations, to school, to financial independence, to moving out of you childhood home, to losing someone you love…and literally every single thing you can think of, this decade (if you are lucky) is really the first time you face it all while not having the same sort of crutch you did on your parents when you were a teenager. It’s your little birdie leaves the nest time and sometimes it takes a while to feel like we really know how to fly.


When I think back to my twenties it looked like this:


-I went to 2 schools, lived in 7 cities, 2 states AND 2 countries, visited 11 countries and 17 states, graduated once, lived by myself, lived with strangers, lived with best friends, had one big break up, had 7 jobs, made lots of new friends, kept even more old friends, lost 2 grandparents who I loved dearly, helped my parents move out of my childhood home, fell in love, moved in with him and became engaged,  stood by my sister and best friends’ sides as they got married, became an aunt (or Zia) twice, started the blog, and had countless of adventures, funny stories, mishaps, freak outs, laughing fits, risks, tears, confusion, fun and just about everything else in between.


And it was awesome.


And you know what else? I never want to do it again. Ever.


Why? Because I lived it. I learned the things I think I needed to so far to get to where I am now, and I’m content. It’s time for the next era! The one my parents say are the best because even though you still keep growing, you have figured out a general idea of who you are and can now live a little more comfortably and freely in that knowledge rather than all the quarter-life crises, confusing, back and forth vibes that your twenties bring you because you are consistently faced with a lot of firsts. In other words, your growing pains subside (but of course, never really go away).


Another thing, they say youth is wasted on the young and this is one of the truest statements, as I have found in the last decade. You come into your own as you age, usually with a better perspective on who you are and what you believe in. Wouldn’t it be nice to take advantage of the opportunities, health, and moments of your 20s with that kind of knowledge? It’s the catch-22 of life. The beauty of your twenties and youth is that you are facing all this without the maturity or intelligence needed to make the most of it. But that sort of waste and recklessness is the lovely irony of it all. And this is also another reason that I would never do it all again. My decisions would have been much more calculated (even though I did my best to make them so) and all those lessons and experiences wouldn’t be there to shape me. We get one shot and it’s good to take it all in as it comes.


That all being said, this decade carry some of the best memories for me. I did get to do some crazy, fun things though in my twenties that I will happily look back on. There were a few eras too… so I’m excited to share my highlights.


  • I explored living in Los Angeles- auditioned for some major film companies productions, got to walk the Victoria’s Secret Runway (sounds ridiculous, but here it is for reference), went to underground concerts, taught the performing arts, sang demos for record companies, and did acting classes and short films. (This was my version of a graduate program… life experience and studying acting- and that it was!).
  • I also lived in London for a couple months, explored the UK and country hopped with my best friend, resulting in lots of funny, drunk adventures of meeting interesting people, eating, wanting to cry while traveling (from overpacking), and just bonding with one of my favorite people in such a stunning part of the world.
  • I met my fiance and spent half the decade growing up with him, being totally allured by his happy-go-lucky aura and forgiving, fun, loving, wonderful personality that kept our connection strong and our relationship afloat while we navigated our lives together-and the people we want to become individually as well. Relationships are no easy task ever but the balance of being together and also being you is what I think makes them work and this relationship is one of the very best things I’ve gotten from this decade, and my life. And it the investment and love that will make all the following years more enriched and happy.


A few years ago, when I turned 27, I wrote this article. A lot remains the same, basically every word. But I decided to share the things that seem to feel heightened right now as I enter this new chapter of my life.


-You will always be connected to your home, roots, and where you came from.
-What other people think of you is none of your business… and you know what else? Who cares anyway! BYE! You have to prioritize and appreciate what you like about you before what others like about you.
-When given the choice, be nice. But find a way to never sacrifice honesty. Sometimes the truth hurts.
-A lot has changed, but a lot hasn’t changed either.
-I think I will always feel the age I am now. Even when I’m 90.
-The more I live, the less I know.
-Dreams don’t always come true. And sometimes that’s a blessing.
-The world is bigger than you.
-Anything can happen at any phase of life. Go with it.
-We aren’t guaranteed anything.
-Hard work is wonderful and where it’s freakin at. Also, balance is your key to happiness. And we don’t live forever.
-Settling is not an option if you want a fulfilling life.


So there you have it, a messy, thoughtful, articulated jumble of my thoughts (per usual) as I write my final post of my twenties. I’m sure this blog will grow and change as I do. I will always have it and love it because it’s all mine and my creative corner of the world. So, I’m excited to look back on this post one day and see how things have adjusted as I enter this new decade. Because in my 30’s my goals are much more simple, less abundant, lofty, and Oprah-vision-board esque than they once were when I entered my twenties. More than anything I want this:


-a happy life and marriage.
-health and safety for everyone I love.. and me too.
-a family eventually.
-a creative career that I feel fulfilled by.
-to finish my book.
-to travel a bit more (top of my list? Australia, New Zealand, Tokyo, more of Italy, South Africa)
-a house
-to find a way to contribute positively to the world more regularly with some sort of charity.


And there you have it! So Thank you for reading and hopefully this resonates with some of you out there! Cheers to 30! Wish me luck! 🙂

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  • Diana Maria

    Ah what a great post! So beautifully written and so true. The part about not caring of what others think made me laugh- BYE! That’s the attitude I think we should all have to that. I agree that your twenties are filled with so much going on, it can be a lot to handle at times! I hope your thirties are filled with wonderful adventures and a little less craziness than the twenties- but just as much fun!

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

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