My “Quick Version” of Homemade Pasta


There is no comfort food to me quite like a bowl of pasta. It was our Sunday night family dinner go-to growing up and to make sauce (or sugu, as we call it) is sort of a rite of passage in my family. It is also one of my favorite things that we do that celebrates our Italian heritage.

So there are two ways of making it. The quick way which is delicious… and then the more detailed way which is phenomenal but far more work as it includes lots of meatball creating. Since the more detailed way is sort of a special family tradition, I’m going to keep that to myself… but the quick way, I am happy to share!

So since I’ve grown up, I’ve made recipes without much measuring, I’m going to have to ballpark a few things but I promise, it will still be delicious and you gotta have a little faith, and get your taste tester pants on! (It adds to the authenticity).

You will need:

-4 cans of tomato sauce

-1 table spoon of tomato paste

-plenty of garlic, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper

-onions, celery, parsley chopped in a food processor (with some garlic)

-1 lb of ground beef

-olive oil


-Put chopped or food processed onions, celery, and parsley at the bottom of a large pot with olive oil. Season with salt, pepper, plenty of garlic, and Italian seasoning and let sizzle.

-Then add beef and mix it together with the vegetable medley and seasonings. Feel free to add more seasonings as necessary.

-Once meat is mostly brown, pour in tomato sauce. Eyeball the amount needed. 4 cans should be enough though. Add tomato paste for a little flavoring and continue to season the sauce to your liking. Note: Always taste test!!

-Cover and put on low to let the flavors soak in. Check on it every few minutes to stir. Feel free to “baby” your sauce! The more attention it gets, the better it tastes! ;o)

-Pour over noodles of your liking, add some garlic bread, and voila! Enjoy!


… Ok that’s not it! Who here knows that’s not it?! Everyone because if there is anything an Italian would say it needs a little more of… it’s CHEESE of course! A dish is simply not a dish without some parmesan on top! Luckily, Stella Cheeses have delicious options that really add that extra flair needed to a bowl of pasta!

For this particular bowl of pasta, I used the shaved parmesan and the three cheese blend because frankly, I don’t descriminate! It adds just the extra flavor and texture needed to any bowl of pasta whether it’s a bolognese like this, a fettuccine (perfect inside the sauce), a carbonara, any veggie pasta, or gnocchi! You can’t go wrong and with Stella’s artisan cheeses and fresh options, I feel like I have one less thing to pick out at the grocery store.

Additionally, when the holidays roll around, Stella Cheeses also have delicious options that make fantastic additions to any charcuterie board, fondue, or cheese-loving dish! And it looks pretty dressed up… just add a sprig of rosemary and POOF! You are Martha Stewart!

So grab some Stella Cheeses this year for the holidays if you are wondering what brand of your favorite food will spruce up your favorite recipe and make it gourmet!


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