Travel Guide: Nashville

The girl whose favorite karaoke songs are Shania Twain and Faith Hill, who (once) wanted to be friends with Taylor Swift, sang LeAnn Rhymes and Bonnie Raitt songs at voice competitions, who practices Carrie Underwood songs whenever I want to get my voice back in shape, who has a love for Tim McGraw (especially his old hits), loves a good Southern BBQ and gesture of hospitality, and who is a little bit country at heart in some ways, finally made her way to Nashville! And the Music City did not disappoint!

Nashville has been on Jason and my must-visit list for a while so we decided to go on the weekend that fell right between our 30th birthdays! It was a great way to ring in the new decade together and explore one of the most dynamic, fun, crazy-wonderful cities I have yet to visit!

A lot came recommended to me (Thanks Hunter!) and I decided to fill you in on my favorite things. Check it out! Oh and also, if country music isn’t your jam, all the amazing artists there play all kinds of tunes across genres and generations, so you are fully engulfed in a musicians universe there! So no matter what your musical preferences, it is FOR SURE worth a visit!

Pinewood Social

I could live in this place. It is trendy, fun, well-decorated in a vintage/modern/hipster vibe with amazing food, drinks and ambiance. We visited this place on our first day there and were very happy with the choice! We had some great morning drinks and then headed over to the old-school-set-up bowling alley and challenged each other to a few games. I didn’t win (and that is not a shocker) but I did improve and since I’m not uber competitive at games like that, that’s all that counts! :o)

Oh and also, there’s a cafe in the restaurant and plenty of comfy, eccentric decorated spots to sit and eat throughout the space. My favorite thing I noticed? There were so many people just hanging out, doing work (it was a Friday after all) with their laptops set up while enjoying a great meal, drink, and fantastic ambiance.

Yahoo Brewing Company

Homey, welcoming, no frills, and delicious beer! The blondest one they have (I like my beer blonde admittedly) definitely got me pretty toasty the next night as it’s a local beer served at the bars on Broadway. It was fun sipping outside on their sampler while talking and taking in the scene!


It’s touristy but every bar is complete with amazing and talented musicians and we spent a whole raining Saturday hopping bars (Nudie’s was our favorite) and listening to some great music!

Martin’s BBQ

BBQ in the South is just incomparable. I’ve had it in Texas, Louisiana, and now Tennessee and it’s just flavorful, carry comfort foods that just seem to pair well with the culture there. We loved Martin’s and Peg Leg Porker was also delicious!

The Gulch 

 The Gulch was a cute neighborhood we had fun exploring and I especially loved forcing Jason to take an IG picture of me in front of the Wings there, as well as exploring the shops, including Two Old Hippies! I LOVE stores with fun, funky, artsy items!


Saint Anejo 

The two of us partied pretty hard on Broadway on Saturday night so as you can imagine, we were in desperate need for a great brunch and San Anejo was the best choice. I mean look at that breakfast burrito. It was super trendy and fun inside too and the service had some of the friendliest people ever!

Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

We saved this for our final jaunt in the city and we both loved learning about the history of country music and some of our favorite stars! This museum was genuinely one of the most gorgeous ones I have been to in general. And BIG SURPRISE… I loved the Tim and Faith display as well as the SHANIA one…do you see the Man! I Feel Like a Woman costume pic below? Swoon! Amazing!


I of course wish I had tons of time to stay in such a cool place and explore everything but I’m thrilled with everything we got to do. Check out some fun pictures below that I took of little bits of the city and let me know always, if you have any questions about your travels! And for lodging, don’t forget to check out my post on SoBro House here!


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