The Key to Not Stressing When Cleaning or Organizing for the Holidays

Holy Bonkers! When the holidays come around, I feel like I am organizing, reorganizing, purging, and shifting things around for a solid two months. From decorating for Christmas and putting up the tree, to making room for all my new presents, it’s just a constant clean-up. And when you host any event? Welp, just adds to that cleaning!

But I have a method to my madness of keeping my cool and making sure that our home still stays holly and jolly, no matter how cluttered or messy all the extra stuff becomes! And it is investing in great products, like Scott Paper towels and other Kleenex or Contonelle products. Luckily, Walmart makes it easy to shop and get what’s needed so I can just do a quick order and boom, it’s delivered and I’m set!

It’s extra convenient because while I’m Christmas shopping, I need every bit of space in my car and all these necessary paper products can take up a lot of space. Between hosting, the weather getting colder and colds being more prevalent, the organizing, and cleaning, these products are more important than ever so I appreciate the convenience of ordering them online and not having to think twice about it! Not to mention, the savings… December is the month where I especially feel like I would like to save as much as possible with all the gifts.

However, if you are there, in-store pick up is still an option if you prefer! Just with so much on your to-do list this time of year, make one thing easier and use Walmart to get you through the cookie baking, present wrapping, organizing, tree decorating, holiday party hosting season for all your paper products!



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