Rose’s Cafe: A San Francisco Gem

There are so many delicious spots in the city, which comes as no shock. I mean a place as dynamic as San Francisco, the culinary experiences are of course, one of the best places in the world. Like anyone though, I have my favorite spots, in my preferred neighborhoods, that are more comforting to me. Rose’s Cafe in Cow Hollow (which is my favorite neighborhood in San Francisco) is a definite treat. It has that quaint cafe feel of a small little shop in France, but delicious, quality dishes mixing Italian and French foods for dinner as well as classic, yummy brunch favorites.

It’s an all-around great go-to spot and has a wonderful ambiance that is perfect to enjoy with friends or on a date, as well as a cute outside patio that you can look forward to lounging and grubbing on, on a Sunday morning.

I have been here many times but was more recently, was treated to a dinner here where the chef brought us out some of his specialties and I have to say, they know just what my tastebuds prefer! Everything was scrumptious from the seafood pastas, to the pizzas, to the appetizers that combine fruit and cured meats….we were in food heaven with all the fantastic flavorings and pairings, and twists on classic dishes. And the wine selection, of course, is fantastic. No shock this “Rose Colored Glasses” girl picked a glass of rose to enjoy at Rose’s Cafe!

The dessert selection is also phenomenal and will leave you feeling that happy balance of sweet and savory that I think every meal deserves!

Be sure to check Rose’s Cafe out if you haven’t already and enjoy the fantastic menu… then burn off all the calories while walking down Union Street and exploring the cute shops!


Photos thanks to New Rev Media.



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