Travel Guide: Where to Stay in Nashville!

Jason and I took a trip out to Nashville right on the weekend that falls between our 30th birthdays to celebrate together. We’ve both been wanting to visit the Music City for a long time and it was the perfect little vaca to commemorate this big new phase.

Some of my favorite trips have just been the two of us jaunting to cool places in the US, and Nashville was no different. We visited museums, ate some amazing food (especially BBQ), and listened to some phenomenal musicians. A full suggestion travel guide is coming your way soon via JRCG but one of my absolute favorite parts was our lodging, which deserved it’s own post and shout out! (YUP- that good)!

We stayed at SoBro Guest House and not only was it a blogger’s dream with its gorgeous details and trendy decor, but it was any traveler’s dream as well. It was beautiful and perfectly located to all of the awesome hot spots in the city. We didn’t take an uber for the majority of our trip because we were in such a great spot to explore by foot! Super convenient- and also great to burn off the extra beer and food we were consuming.

It felt like a little home, which I always appreciate and I loved adopting it as our apartment for the long weekend. The facilities and amenities were way above par and the decor was phenomenal- trendy infusions everywhere yet still comforting and true to the Nashville/Southern vibe with little details to honor it (like the amazing record players, games, and Nashville art and books)!

It was so cozy too… and the BED! I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud! Pairing that with my tea and SoBro robe in the AM… I started each day out right! And when we were between seeing things, it was so easy to make some coffee, or a quick snack because we had a full kitchen at our disposal.

Essentially SoBro Guest House has all the best benefits of both an AirBnB and a hotel. With someone onsite continuously but also an apartment style stay with a less-formal check-in scenario, you have the best of both worlds which I find very advantageous when traveling. It’s my preferred.

So when visiting the Music City, check out SoBro Guest House and their fantastic suites for a stay that will make you want to stay longer!



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