Real California Milk Seals for Good This Season!

I love food and I don’t often discriminate against any type of dishes. (However, I do personally think it’s a crime to cook an egg yolk all the way through… unless of course it is a scrambled). I love to treat myself but I also love the days that I eat clean, whole, and healthy. Like everything, I think balance is key and I think eating REAL food also gives you the room to treat yourself on those less than healthy dishes. (Just be mindful of course!)

For instance, real milk, butter, and organic products are the way to go (in proper balance) because they are more natural. Anything processed or “faux” is just not going cut it in my book. This is kind of the same method of eating of the Mediterranean/French diets. Real goods in good proportions! This, of course like everything on my blog, is my opinion and preference and everyone has various restrictions and beliefs but I’m all about keeping the food on my plate real.

I’m lucky enough to not have an allergy to milk and appreciate all the delicious dairy products that help make so many meals so delicious. Luckily right now, you can enjoy some of your favorite products for a good cause.

Right now, when you use a product with the Real California Milk seal then post and use a hashtag #sealsforgood, Real California Milk plans to donate $5 every time to help the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Florida and Texas. Milk has wonderful nutrients and is in many products that are helping feed those who would otherwise go without. This initiative is a wonderful way to bring people together and with the holidays coming up that include lots of baking, its the perfect time to post your milk products and feel good that it can help someone in need!

So when shopping for your favorite holiday dishes like your mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, cookies, and more… look for the Real California Milk Seal and do what you can to spread the love, joy, and help to others! Nothing can get you in the holiday spirit more! (And I’m sure Santa would really love this kinda milk during his visit ;o)


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