Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Candy Club


Willy Wonka has some competition here because for all those sugar loving, sweet tooth having, dessert swooning people out there, Candy Club is just what your little heart desires. And since the holidays are coming in hot, it’s the perfect gift too for anyone in your life who has a crush on candy.

Candy Club is this awesome delivery service where you pick your favorite treats each month and they delivery it to you in an adorable packaging that makes you want to throw an old fashion party complete with a piñata, goodie bags, and musical chairs!

I gotta say, I don’t really discriminate against desserts or candy. I really like everything from Jell-O to cake, to crumbly pies, to cookies, to ice creams (of all sorts) to practically any candy, gummy, chocolate, sprinkly, whatever! (Except Whoppers… for whatever reason. I know weird right? That’s a favorite of so many people!)

So because of this, I had SO MUCH fun picking out the types of candy I wanted. I ultimately chose gummy turtles (because I love gummy things and I love turtles), cupcake balls, and these chocolate peanut butter balls that I know once my fiance knows they exist, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to hide them! The best part though, for those of you who are far pickier than I am, the selection of Candy Club is phenomenal. There is SO MUCH MORE where my selection came from. Literally, there is something for everyone. So you can curate a box just to your liking and get fresh, quality candies delivered to your door. It’s like the opposite of the tooth fairy…! ;o)

So check it out here! And give your dentist something to roll over about!


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