My Bay Club Life

Since graduating college and becoming a professional, the journey of my career has been interesting. There are curves, twists, turns, and roads throughout that when starting, I would never have thought I would have found myself on. Eventually though, I’ve started to see the intricacy of the journey and how it (gratefully) led me to where I am now.

I have worked at small businesses, private firms, for non profits, big corporations, and little known (and well-known) start-ups in various industries from affordable housing, to the entertainment industry, to finance, to art, to (of course living in the Silicon Valley) technology. I’m so happy though to say I have finally found my niche – hospitality! And now that I see the big picture much clearer, I can see now that it is the obvious fit for me.

Since working at the Bay Club on their marketing team, I have had the opportunity to have fun and be creative while making a living, which is rare and something that I am very grateful for and do not take lightly. What’s more, is that I am a part of a company that focuses on building a healthy lifestyle and as a blogger- what a more perfect day job can one have? I’m around constant inspiration and likemindedness that keeps me feeling inspired.

And though personally, there are many things I love about working here, there are tons of perks of becoming a member here too. (Yes, I feel like I hit the jackpot!) So check out some of my favorite things about the Bay Club… and it’s easy to see why they focus on a balanced, healthy, and happy lifestyle….

Group Exercise Classes (Especially Zumba)

There are so many things to love about exercising in a group. You can meet with friends, have a more structured and creative workout, potentially learn something new, and even enjoy a little friendly competition. Though my favorite will always be Zumba and anything else dance based (or barre!), there are plenty of other classes I love. Even more, I love having the opportunity to try them, from NC Fit to Sound Off Yoga, there’s never a dull workout around here! And with work and life being busy, it’s nice to be able to get out of that zone and enjoy a good sweat session… and I love being a part of a team that gets to bring this kind of balance to people’s lives.

Events and Lifestyle

There’s parties, happy hours, seasonal activities and soirees, and everything you can think of to celebrate and enjoy whatever time of year we are in. And if ya have kids, there’s events, camps, and daycare for them as well. To contribute to the balance and lifestyle part of their mission, the Bay Club also has a blog,¬†One Lombard, as well as a magazine that gives inspiration for recipes, life hacks, beauty, style, and everything else a little blogger/blog lover could ever want!


Nothing is really good or complete in my book unless there is great food involved. Dining is key and each club has variations of it but I’m extra into Cafe Vida because not only is it absolutely delicious, but it’s healthy too.


The Shops at the Bay Club are on point! Super cute workout gear and some other awesome pieces for every day wear. They even have trunk shows every so often which gives great opportunities to find something new, grab a present, or just get inspired in general!

The Spa

It can’t be lifestyle and balance based without a place to be pampered. Especially with a place that has group workout classes, full gyms, personal fitness training, and plenty of active opportunities, it’s ideal to also have a hub to get a massage, facial, and beautify yourself a bit after working that bod out! Another addition to this is the sauna and steam rooms that allow for a little post workout relaxation. I’m a fan to say the least of these amenities. I would insert them in my own home if I could!

Tennis and Golf

One of my favorite ways to work out is just rallying on the tennis courts. Jason and I do it fairly often (and poor guy doesn’t have much competition… but I’m not totally helpless… I swear, I’ve been known to hold my own a bit!) but I love having access to beautiful courts and for those who love golf, the Bay Club has some stunning courses.


¬†There’s a lot more where this came from too! It is so important to find an escape I think in life, especially in the Silicon Valley where competition and extra stress in the workplace can be high. Or just in general, to have a place that provides fun, healthy, family friendly fun that brings communities together. The Bay Club does this and has definitely added a little extra light (in many ways) to my world! Check it out!


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