Napa Premium Outlets

Tis the season! Gift guides, wrapping papers, witty taglines, jingle singing commercials, and Santa are about to invade our lives and shopping is about to be high on our to-do list! Some people love this little Christmas tradition, and others feel a bit more stressed at the prospect of finding presents for everyone in their lives.

But I gotta tell ya it doesn’t need to be anxiety-inducing, nor does it have to break the bank… and you can still buy quality gifts for those you love. (Because though the shopping and picking out part might not be super fun, the giving part definitely is…especially when you know you are giving something you know he recipient will love).

What’s the solution to a better, more efficient shopping experience this year? The Napa Premium Outlets! I took a trip up there this last weekend and was in absolute heaven with their amazing selection of stores. There’s Michael Kors, Nike, Under Armour, Coach, American Eagle, GAP, J CrewFactory, Anne Taylor, Sunglass Hut, and various other stores as well as cosmetic stores. Check out the complete list here.

I snagged a couple presents but also decided to go in “treat yoself” mode and had fun checking out some discounted prices of fabulous items from my favorite stores and brands. I got a pretty great loot too of items that will help me prepare for the holidays and winter season including a gorgeous trench coat from Banana Republic, a beautiful clutch from Coach, pretty accessories from J Crew Factory, and comfy yoga pants from Under Armour. I even got some fancy, fun Turkey socks for Thanksgiving!


The Nike and Under Armour spots, I have to say, looked exactly like the non-outlet stores and carried a very impressive inventory. Additionally, Michael Kors did as well. It was all a shopping dream!

As you can see, it’s obviously a great shopping experience in general, the fact that it is an outlet is just a perk! They have a food court and are surrounded by some of the most gorgeous wineries in the world too. So, it’s the perfect place to shop with a friend and then go celebrate your great finds at phenomenal prices over a delicious glass of wine!

As you may know, Napa has endured completely devestating fires recently. So as support to one of our favorite spots in the Bay Area, shopping at the Napa Premium Outlets is just another way to help, boost the economy, and promote a sense of community in a place that needs a little extra TLC right now. Some people might not know that the outlets have opened their doors back up but they most certainly have, and amazingly well. Just another way that the community is not letting the tragedy get them down! Keep on keeping on!

With the quality shopping there, plus the potential to help some businesses thrive after tragic losses, it’s the perfect place to find what you need for those you love while getting in a little extra holiday spirit. So come see what all this wonderful fuss is about and make your holiday shopping this year a treat!


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