Warm, Soft, Pink Coat for Winter

There’s many things that get us excited for the season changes, especially as we adjust to the colder weather. I feel like it’s the excitement for the holidays, when Christmas music becomes socially acceptable to listen to, when Starbucks unveils its holiday cups, and when every online ad, commercial, and magazine is filled with cozy, dreamy, winter-wonderland-y ambiances and outfits that make you want to cuddle up at home with a hot cup of coco, a fuzzy blanket, and a tearjerker feel-good movie whilst wearing cute flannel pajamas and accompanied by candles and soft interiors with lots of light! (Haha- did I paint a good enough picture there? Yep… currently wishful thinking… that’s exactly what I wish I was doing!… Also, longest sentence EVER!)

Well I do looove picking out new sweaters, scarves, and jackets that make me a little bit more excited to go outside in the cold weather. This year, I’m opting for the softer colors and pink is my jam! This jacket is more than warm but it has this classic appeal with its tailored appearance paired with a little bit of fun with the color and wooly texture! I beyond love it not only because it’s cute but because it makes sure this usually-freezing girl, is not!

Shop below for this piece and check out Old Navy for more fantastic coat options!


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