Wedding Advice: Embrace (and Learn to Love) Your Plan B

In short, life happens! Weather happens, things fall a part, and you never know what curve ball will happen on your wedding day, because you know life just sometimes isn’t fair.

My two greatest pieces of advice I think I know so far are these: 1. Guest list BEFORE venue shopping! and 2. Learn to love your plan B. Period.

Lately, I’ve realized that this is a HUGE thing that will give any bride the one up so I’ve been telling most of my bride-to-be friends that being content and happy with your back-up is key to having a good day.

It’s like insurance! Of course it’s not ideal but doing a mini prep in case (especially if you are getting married outside like basically everyone does) because you don’t know what will happen. It’s better to breathe easy when forced to roll with the punches than not. SO, as a part of my wedding advice to everyone out there, again it’s learn to love your plan B. If not, it could fog all the wonderful other details and moments of the day if you end up having to feel disappointed. And basically every single person I know who had to do their Plan B (I have about 4 people at the top of my head) ended up with really, extra gorgeous pictures thanks to the weather or venue faux pas! Silver lining right there!

Having this mindset I think is also great because at the end of the day, the most important part is that you are enjoying making this commitment with you partner and spending the evening with the people you love most to celebrate that step. You don’t want anything else taking away from that. So to have a Plan B is just good sense, it keeps you mindful and prepared. Just do yourself a favor, and eliminate some stress out of the equation. I have one, and of course, it’s not my first choice but I most certainly will be content if that is what we have to resort to because I’m already thinking ahead on it.

Also, from the days of doing theater, I know first hand that no matter how well prepared or rehearsed, any production or performance, no matter the type, will have something that goes wrong. Going with the flow and learning how to pick up your blocking and improvise a line (pardon the metaphor) will really do you some good!

So though it might be not the most fun idea, it is the wisest. Always take the positive attitude but again, best to be prepared for any twist or turn so when planning, make sure you have the plan B you like, and then warm up to the idea!

Seriously, from one bride to another. ;o)


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