Inspiration for a Colorful Sunday Brunch

My favorite way to keep the Sunday Scaries at bay is with a good brunch. In fact, it’s my favorite way to welcome the weekend too on a Saturday morning! To be honest though, if I had my way, all my weekday meetings during the hours of 11 AM to 1 PM would consist of yummy mimosas and scrumptious food. That’s the life to live, am I right?

On a foggy Sunday afternoon, a few blogger babes- Amanda, Alyson and Ariana- and I got together to enjoy an amazing brunch at Fiorella in the Richmond. We wore amazing, fun outfits from Anthropologie and had quite the delectable brunch filled with beautiful and light bellinis, pizzas complete with fried eggs and burrata, waffles with strawberry preserves, grapefruit with cream and pistachio, mushroom quiche, mixed greens, and breakfast toasts with a variety of spreads. Everything was not only drool-worthy but so was the ambiance and decor of Fiorella and the presentation of their amazing plates. And of course, the wonderful, fun, creative company.

Nothing is more invigorating and inviting than being surrounded by good people, good food and covered in good threads! To create a memorable brunch, be sure to do the following:

Dress Your Best

It’s fun to dress up and feel your best because why not? Life is short and the week can feel long so make your events in your life feel special by putting the extra details on our outfits. Experiment, have fun and go all out!

Dishware Matters

The dishes from Anthropologie added extra visuals that just tied everything together. They were gorgeous works of art that contributed to the aesthetics of the event. Consider what you are serving your guests on always!

Quality Food and Variety

Some people prefer breakfast foods, some people prefer lunch foods. It is brunch after all, make sure you have a variety and there is something for everyone’s preferences. Also, make sure that the food is quality. Remember my rule of thumb is always quality over quantity.

Flowers Go A Long Way

They tie in colors and set the mood and really make a plated table of delicious eats look extra delectable.

Come with an Empty Tummy

Come ready to pig out and enjoy! That’s half the fun! However, I will give a pass to a light snack to keep any and all hangry-ness at bay.

Please and Thank Yous Always

Good table manners never go out of style!

Include Good Company

Only those who make you happy who bring a good energy to your table should be included! It’s the freakin’ weekend! No drama, no nothing but fun, love and good eats!

** This event was styled by Anthropologie (here’s lookin’ at you Amy!), hosted by Fiorella (too delicious to be true) with photography by the very talented, fellow San Jose native Shannon Righetti Strom of @shandruphotography and includes my friend/one of my favorite humans Amanda from Advice from a Twenty Something  and the two most adorable, fun sized and talented ladies Ariana from FashionBorn and Alyson form The Beauty Vanity. Lots of blogger babe love in this city!



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  • Oo this place looks delicious! I don’t go to the Richmond much, so now I have an excuse!! Love your outfit, Jenna!

  • That looks like the most gorgeous brunch ever! Everyone has amazing outfits too. :]


    • Thanks for visiting Carmen and for the sweet compliment! All from Anthropologie so use it as some inspo when shopping there for sure!

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