Bachelorette Party Ideas


Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties have become very much a rite of passage and tradition for a future bride and groom. These days, people even travel quite far to make it a celebration to remember! For my own, I’m doing my best to keep airplanes out of the equation (for the Californians at least) and actually am lucky enough to have so many people to love that I am doing a wine tasting bachelorette day with family, so I’m making it a two-time celebration!

I’ve been to a few and have loved different things about each so I put together a list for all those brides and maids out there who are in need of some planning inspiration!

A Roast

So I think one of my favorite things I have ever seen at a bachelorette party was when my best friend was roasted by her two younger sisters. And it wasn’t just any roast, it was an ex boyfriend roast! It helps that her sisters are creative and witty and that the bride has the best sense of humor, but we all had a blast with this one and couldn’t stop laughing! It only works for some but if it does, I suggest doing it for sure!

A Spa Day

Whether you go to one or make up fun concoctions at home, a spa day is always amazing. Think face masks, mani/pedis, or even a little visit from a masseuse!

Tarot Card Reader/Psychic

This obviously isn’t for everyone but its a fun twist for the adventurous, spooky-loving bride! Other ideas are impersonators, magicians, and comedians… (I’m not the stripper kind so I’ll leave that one out of this list haha).

Funny Decor

Whether you are the type to put the penis decor in motion, or like something maybe a bit less phallic, a theme, or fun decor and things to keep everyone in the festive mood is key for a great ambiance for the weekend!

A Game or Concert

A sporting event, a concert, or even a piano or karaoke bar, are all great options! Anything with entertainment is always a guaranteed good time and also a great ice breaker in case there are girls attending who don’t know each other that well yet… which is common!


Nothing better than a BBQ by the pool! Get the fun floaty toys, put in a throwback playlist, and make some margaritas and I promise there will be no complaints!

A Class

A dance class, a cooking class, a painting class, a surf class…. find something fun (and cheap) to do that will make everyone bond, learn something new, and have a fun activity to look forward to.

An Outdoor Excursion 

Think bikes, picnics, hikes, yoga on the beach, or any sort of outdoor activity that the bride likes and is fitting for whatever city you are staying in. Being active on bachelorette parties (especially after the booze intake!) is key!

A Chef Visit

Instead of going out to a fancy dinner, have a chef come to you for a special culinary experience! Everyone usually enjoys this-foodie or not- because its a different and comfortable way to have a great meal, without any of the work!

A Game Night

It’s some people’s style to go out every night of a bachelorette party and others like to spread out the out-and-about drinking escapades. For the nights in, you can’t go wrong with a game night. Fish Bowl, Cards Against Humanity, Catch Phrase, Charades, What Do You Meme?, or any other favorite, always guarantee some laughs. Just pop the cork, pour some wine, have plenty of snacks and go for it!

Integrate the Groom

No this does not mean he’s invited (haha). In fact my sister is strongly against any sort of combining of the bachelor and bachelorette parties (but if it’s what you want, that’s great too!). Anyway though, instead of his presence, I love the integrating him into a game on how well he knows your little bride. The games where the bride answers questions that the groom already has given to the game hostess are my favorite. I love seeing what they get right… and also making them take a champ bong when they get one wrong! (I don’t do shots haha so this is my go-to!). Also, funny pictures of the groom as decorations are usually a big hit too while playing these games!


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