Halloween Costume Inspiration

So I came to a revelation. My favorite time of year growing up was always summer and then Halloween season/fall, but as the years go on I have realized, summer just doesn’t have the joy it used to. I work during it, live in San Francisco where it is foggy during those months, and the easy simplicity of childhood summers just isn’t there anymore.

However, fall and the spooky season? All the joy, fun, and happiness is still there! Carving pumpkins, parties, movies, pumpkin patches, making yummy food, doing fun crafts for work events (which it helps that I have a creative job on that one), and costume hunting are all still as fun as they used to be and happily, relevant to my adult life, just as it was to my kid one.

I have been thoroughly enjoying getting into the spirit this year and am soaking up all the pumpkin bread, spooky franchises, and cozy nights in as much as possible. Of course, Halloween is the giant finale of the season, so for those of you who also love this crisp, happy time of year and want to make the most of it, I have curated a little collection of fun Halloween ideas (thanks Pinterest!)

The ones I picked are definitely the homemade kind for those of your lil creatives out there. Some of my favorite costumes were put together by just scrounging up some things in my closet like when I was a Stepford Wife (complete with a feather duster and remote control) or Rachel Berry from Glee (sweater vest and slushy included) or a Nerd (glasses with tape, high rise socks, and suspenders all the way!).

Hope they help give you some fun inspiration!


How fitting! Stephen King’s infamous clown’s comeback this year will make for a popular costume and since I love the idea of mixing feminine and scary, this is a favorite of mine! (It doesn’t hurt that I LOVED the movie too!)


Ice Cream Cone

Cute, creative, feminine, girly, and unique! What more could you want!? And you’ll look delicious all night! This is also a great costume to pair other costumes with. For instance, think carnival or childhood: a hot dog, popcorn, a little kid, or cotton candy!


Porcelain Doll Costume

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a pet peeve of dolls. This is mostly just because they freak me the hell out! Anything doll related movie or TV wise I am always interested in because I know I will get spooked to my core, so of course when opting in for a scary costume, this would be my go-to! I love the whole creepy, innocent yet evil look just because you can have a lot of fun with make-up on this one!



If I could pick any mythical creature to be, it would be a mermaid since I have a great love of the ocean and all things marine-life. So of course, on a holiday where you can be what your little heart desires, why not chose what you wish you could be for a day!? Mermaid it is, but since it’s a bit revealing, better make sure its an adults-only, inside/warm kinda party!

Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy was always very generous to me and in my opinion, is one of the coolest of all fairies! She’s a straight business woman- always busy, making bargains! I think this is a cutest idea on a twist of a a regular fairy costume!


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