My Browsing Legacy

The world has been in a bit of a weird transition lately it feels. So many terrible things have been going on. It is almost too painful to turn on the news or go online. It is times like these though, when I see so much heartbreak, pain, and suffering, that I really think about the things that matter the very most to me in the world.

It’s pretty simple when you look at your priorities in that way. With all the materialistic, superficial noise we are constantly surrounded by, the things I actually care about are the big ones. They make everything else seem small (Cue Carrie Underwood’s “So Small” please!)

The order is this: my family and friends. And nothing else is a close second. My legacy will be the people in my life I love most and how I treat them and the wonderful memories we created together throughout our lives. That is what is most important. They say the best things in life are free, and it’s true! Relationships with those you love, hugs, laughter, smiles, sunshine, flowers, the ocean, sunsets, sleep and most importantly, love.

I love thinking about what I care about most in this way. It breaks it down so beautifully. But it got me to thinking, do I always live my life in a way that would reflect this? Of course not! I’m not perfect and life can be hard. It doesn’t always come naturally to keep a healthy prospective. So what trails of evidence do I leave behind that the thing I care about most in the world are those I love?

And of course, the internet gives you the biggest insight to a person’s interests, priorities, and loves. It’s the first thing a detective would go to. The quality of our searches and favorited websites can really give a person a big idea into another’s passions. If someone were to investigate me they would of course see my blog and social sites. This would tell them I love writing and give clues to the things I find beautiful and people I love. Additionally, other than work related sites, they would see blogs of friends and other influencers who I love ┬áthat for the most part promote healthy lifestyles and personal growth and development. They would also find funny articles from Buzz Feed or memes (cause you always need a good laugh) and a slew of recipes/food/baking websites. Oh, and of course right now, wedding things!

When thinking about this, I’m proud those are the things that you can see in my browser. At the heart of it all, they are creative which I think is pretty reflective of who I am. The internet not only tells us about ourselves when searching but also is a resource that is shared across the world. It is one reason I’m proud of the blog, I feel like I can contribute to something positive somehow. Even though it’s a tiny sliver of the pie, it is something and I hope it helps someone somewhere out there.

And speaking of my place in the internet world and how it reflects me and how I get this information, I love Firefox. Firefox is all about bringing quality to their browsers because of the influence that they have on how we get information. It really is miraculous! This browser isn’t only made by people, but also not for profit. They support causes like women and tech to girls that code, and more. It’s a win-win and makes me feel good about how I spend my life online.

In spirit of thinking about being effcient and focusing on quality, so this week, follow my instagram stories and feed and see how I reflect the things that I love most via the internet. It might make you become a little more thoughtful in how you utilize it yourself and what that says about you too!

Food for thought!


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