Feeling Foxy

We all have a crisp button up, or a great pair of jeans, or a solid white tee. These wardrobe staples are some of my favorites because of their timelessness, but I have to say, I looooove when they have fun little details to spruce them up a bit!

Why not add a little pattern or color or tidbit that enhances their classic appeal? It’s fun and quite honestly, life is too short to not be a little playful here and there. So, when I found this pin striped button up at Old Navy, I was instantly attracted to how it could be a great, casual staple at work but when I saw the little foxes on it? I was sold! How cute to add a fun little pattern to such a basic piece?

They are flirty, silly and I loved telling friends to look a bit closer to see the precious little additions (I mean it doesn’t hurt that I am an animal lover too!) It is also pretty perfect for fall and they pair well with my comfortable stretchy Old Navy jeans!


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