If you have ever been to Cow Hollow/Marina in San Francisco, you know that it is a quaint, clean, and charming area and honestly, one of my personal favorite spots in the whole city. I’ve called it home for a while and since life has been so busy it feels like every single time that I walk outside and explore, there is a new store or eatery. So lately, it feels like new again!

Terzo, calls this neighborhood home and I am so bummed that I have just tried it now for the first time because it is absolutely delicious with the most perfect ambiance and setting. It feels like it is fresh out of a Nancy Meyers film. I had so much fun spending an evening there, enjoying the facilities and chowing down on some top-of-the-line grub with some amazing, creative people in our community. I definitely plan to go back with girlfriends or my fiance when craving some delicious versions of my favorite plates.

I would definitely describe the cuisine at Terzo as classic dishes with a Mediterranean flair of both Italian and Greek infusions. They have so many classic, yummy dishes with a bit of a unique touch. Nothing is boring, bland, or obvious. Every dish is colorful, beautiful, and exciting.

I had mouthwatering, fresh calamari, a cheese plate paired with bread, fruit, and olives, and the most amazing, homemade hummus and pita bread that I found rather hard to take my hands off. Any type of fresh carb really is the the way to my heart!

As if that weren’t enough, there are fantastic toasted breads with burrata accompanied with salads. It was the perfect start to a slew of phenomenal plates of meatballs and dishes featuring marinated mushrooms that were just as savory as the flavorful meat that came in the next course.

I could not get enough of the salmon and the flavor of the chicken skewers were so fantastically displayed with an amazing Greek flair. And the pasta carbonara? I could have made a full meal out of that alone.

We enjoyed some delicious wine pairings and remarkable desserts that features fruits, chocolates, and ice cream that satisfied that instance sugar craving I get right after I pig out on a savory meal!

Definitely try Terzo for your next date night. It’s a fun place to get dressed nice for with the people you love!




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