SkinCare + Whole Foods = Complexion Bliss

I remember when I would go with my mom to run errands as a kid. My favorite was always visiting drugstores and I couldn’t WAIT to get the to beauty aisles.

It was some strange version of heaven for me. I loved all the options of hair products, lotions, skincare, and make up! I think a part of its appeal at the time was that I had a sister seven years older who had a whole make up drawer and I wasn’t allowed to touch any of it so when I’d go to the stores, I could see all the amazing options out there up close and personal… without anyone swatting me away!
In fact, the only thing I was allowed to have was lip gloss which started a ridiculous collection of them throughout my childhood and teen years and even a questionable screen name called “glossy girl” in middle school. (Insert eye roll).
My passion for beauty products grew as I got older. I, to this day, love doing my own make up and finding new ways to try different looks. Though I have my tried and true products, I am always interested in finding new things which has developed my passion and been an extra fun endeavor while writing my blog.
However, as I have gotten older, I have realized that when it comes to beauty products, you need a solid foundation, a great, canvas and base to deal with. And that’s your skin.
Luckily, my mom instilled in me to wear plenty of SPF on my face daily and wash it in the morning and most especially at night to take make up off when I was very young. These habits were laid into me young and carried throughout high school, college, and adulthood. As I approach 30, I definitely can tell that it was the best advice ever and can see that my skin is doing pretty dang well!
My mom is also a breast cancer survivor and this sparked a passion in me to find clean make up and skincare products. I am adamant about not putting anything toxic or harmful on my skin. Why would I cover my biggest organ with poisons? It is not only for vanity purposes but for health and during my quest over the last decade to find better, cleaner products, I have turned to Whole Foods as they host  a bevy of the most amazing brands that care about this clean-product mission I’ve sought out for.
Skincare has genuinely become a passion of mine and I have learned and discovered a lot of great things that help me keep mine in the best condition possible.
Below I have some great tips and product recommendations for all of you who want to make a positive, healthier impact on your skincare regime and change up your habits!
Take Fish Oil:
I stand strong behind this supplement. It literally makes your skin look and feel like an angelic baby. It’s clears it up, gives more elasticity, and literally makes you glow!
I always thought serums and oils were things that would clog your pores. Turns out, that was a big mistake. Since I have introduced these into my life, my skin (both body and face) have made a fantastic change for  the better. They really penetrate your pores and give ya the good stuff!
I always pick serums with plenty of vitamin C, which absolutely helps your skin’s health and also, Trilogy’s rose hip oil! I drizzle a couple drops into a moisturizer or just put it on my face alone before bed. The difference is unbelievable and you know what? Kate Middleton also loves this product and since she (along with Blake Lively and Camilla Belle) are my beauty and fashion icons, that’s enough for me to hop on board!
The thing with exfoliators is you should only do them a couple times a week but they are necessary! They help grab all the extra junk that a simple wash may not get and remove dead skin.
Acure Brightening Facial Scrub is one of my favorites. It has chlorella and organ extract and makes my face feel smooth and purified. I also looooove their face washes too! They are one of my favorite brands for sure!
Face Masks:
I do a facemask once or twice a week and it’s part of my me-time routine. Different masks do different things so I suggest doing your research and figuring out what your face needs whether that’s to balance oil or dryness or even figure out acne.
I love Pacfica’s Hot Vegan Probiotic Face Mask because I appreciate anything that has probiotics in it which really help my skin and body feel great. Giving some good bacteria to the skin to help balance the bad (probiotic) is the name of my health game! Plus, this product is for all skin types so it will help ya across the board, no matter what your need.
Face Wash:
Face wash is one of the most important steps because it’s the basic part of your skincare routine that wipes away all dirt, residue and make up, so obviously it’s good to invest in one that you like and will help keep you on top of your routine. Derma-E has great ones but I am a sucker for this apricot Andalou one! It smells like heaven and has such a nice thick, consistency!
Don’t even think about saying “but I won’t be in the sun today!” You know how bright those rays are, so make sure that you protect it. Obviously sun damage is a huge proponent for skin cancers so by Golly, don’t make it easy! Put it on every day under your make up, and then buy make up that has it!
This My Chelle face sunscreen is light, airy, and gets the job done! SPF is an absolute MUST to fighting wrinkles. Sorry babes, there’s no way around it!
Moisturizes are just like face masks, pick one that’s good for your personal skincare needs. I use different ones all the time but Acure and Derma-E are my favorite brands and have some great ones! (Like this anti-wrinkle cream from Derma-E pictures? Amaahhzing!) And then anything with vitamin C is great too but try out any of the natural brands at Whole Foods that will appease what you need worked on!
Eye Cream:
Crow’s feet? Eliminate them by using eye cream after you moisturize every night. Derma-E’s anti wrinkle one is amazing and keeps me from looking tired.
Oh…and drink water! :o)

All in all, it is important to find a routine and products that feel right for you. Whatever the route you chose to take with your skin, or procedures you feel necessary, by all means, do you. However, I am a huge advocate for still taking the natural route as much as possible and embracing all the things that make you special and you. So take some time and invest in products like these that are natural, unharmful and full of vitamins and good things that will keep your face smooth, supple, and young looking. It takes some time and effort but the rewards are totally worth it! Just be healthy… and be happy!

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