Whether you are a foodie, chef, expert eater, or really just eat to live than live to eat, we all have our favorite comfort foods. Mine has always come in the form of cheese and carbs. I love pastas, an array of cheeses, fresh bread, and pizzas…with of course wine to wash it all down with. There really is some sort of chemical in my brain and releases the happy feels when I am eating plates like these, more than other kind of cuisine out there!

So of course, when I get the opportunity to explore a local Italian restaurant that specializes in all my favorite things, I come running! Frascati is located in the beautiful Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. There is a quaint, authentic little Italian ambiance in there that absolutely mirrors some delicious eateries and restaurants I have been in while visiting Italy. I also love that there is an upstairs area to dine in as well as patio seating. It really adds to the surrounding neighborhood and dining experience.

The food was simply delicious with a California/Mediterranean twist on everything. Additionally, all dishes were paired with a red, white, or rose and I have to say, they know how to pair their wines! Each was delicious and perfectly complemented the food they served it with.

We started out the evening with my favorite- a cheese plate! I loved the bleu cheese (as I always tend to) and the brie was so soft and absolutely delectable. When smeared across one of the fresh pieces of bread served with a little jam on top, it was the sweet and savory combination from heaven!

We also enjoyed fresh gnocchi, octopus salad, roasted bread salad, and a delicious flatbread complete with goat cheese, figs, balsamic reduction, and prosciutto, to start. The gnocchi was grilled to perfection and I’m a sucker for seafood so I really enjoyed the octopus salad as well. Everything was a burst of flavor and I genuinely couldn’t pick a favorite dish of the bunch. They were all amazing starters!

The next round of plates were pasta bolognese, roasted chicken, pork, and fish. All the meat was fresh and prepared perfectly. We then ended the night with a taste testing of all desserts including bread pudding, strawberry ice cream, berry pie, snickers cheesecake and more! There’s nothing I love more than options for dessert (because I’m not picky and everything sounds too good to be true) so we had a blast trying out all the amazing offerings on the menu.

It’s the perfect spot for a date night or a night with the girls so next time you’re in Russian Hill, make a quick stop for some amazing, authentic grub at Frascati!


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