My Favorite Kinda Blouse

Light, simple, comfy, and colorful! No muss, no fuss and a cute little layered detail for some texture! That’s everything that I think you can ask for in a blouse. Not to mention, the color pattern in this particular one goes with jeans, or white, black, or colored pants. It is the perfect color palate that you can play up with bold jewelry or accessories with bright colors, or dress down with delicate pieces to class it up more.

Where did I find this fantastic piece  you ask? Well, Rollick of course! Rollick is a brand by my friend Kelly (if you didn’t check out my post on her journey and my other favorite piece from her collection-you must!) She as curated this collection of clothing and accessories that are perfect for the average millennial girl today-whatever phase you are in. Whether you are in college, starting out your career, getting ready to tie the knot, or even have some kiddos! The best part? (you know other than everything being too cute for words?) She has this amazing message and mission of cheering on other girls, being nice, and infiltrated a little humor, wit, and relatable qualities into her line! Now that’s a brand I can love and with pieces like this one? I’m a fan for life!

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