Lessons of the 20s

My twenties are ending soon. Granted… I have basically the rest of 2017 to enjoy them but still, you start to feel reflective pretty early on about the last hurrah of this freakin’ temperamental, exhilarating, lesson-packed decade of being somewhere between a kid and an adult.

  It’s a bit scary to think that I am officially exiting out of this particular phase of my life but from what basically everyone says, your 30s really kick ass so I intend to take that mindset with me as I wake up on December 20th to a new age and decade. Fortunately, I am just where I want to be and have the ducks lined up nicely, but that doesn’t mean that I always felt this way or that getting here wasn’t an adventure. So keep in mind, if you are in the same boat as far as your age goes but are feeling like those damn ducks are flying away and not staying put, well, things can change… and fast too!

I decided to think back to allllll of the fun, amusing, annoying, silly, ridiculous things I will likely remember the most when looking back on my twenties. And hopefully by the time I do a re-cap of this post (as I’m sure inspiration will strike again) come December, I’ll have some more insight to share… because if there is one thing I have learned… it’s that the lessons don’t stop.

You learn how to keep and recognize real friendships.

Not all of them are keepers, though that doesn’t make them a special part of your life. But to keep the special ones, still takes work because life is crazy busy. So to prioritize, pay attention to those who matter and bring you joy.


Growing up under this label of millennials has been a bit funny…and a bit disheartening too.

The Baby Boomers raised us…and spoiled us… told us we could do whatever we put our minds to… which is great, but it does make entering the real world a little more, well, challenging. That mixed with too much exposure, instant gratification, and technology is a recipe for an interesting generation.


Saving, Spending, and Earning Money SUCKS. But money doesn’t. Money is cool.

Never do you love or hate something more. It makes you feel shackled to earning it but gives you all the freedom you desire. What sick joke is that?


There will inevitably be moments where you feel like you are behind on it all.

It stresses a lady out. And its the most detrimental thing you can do in your 20s too- compare. It’s hokey but it is true, we all have our own journeys but there is an inevitable time where you will feel like you just can’t keep up… whether it’s a job, home, relationships…


Sometimes going out just effing sucks.

Every bar just looks the same after a while and the smell? Ok bye!


Hangovers get worse. And worse….and worse…

No joke. They last days and make you feel like the apocalypse sounds good.


You will always have a moment of losing, feeling stupid, or being heartbroken.. but once you are over it, you manage to feel grateful for the experience.

Can’t win ’em all. It’s all good learning experiences in the end, even though it feels like the end of the world in the moment.


Eliminating toxic people and the bs from your life is essential to your happiness. 

Just try not to get too dramatic…and if you do? Meh, oh well. Everyone has been there at some point. And who counts as toxic is different for everyone but it’s best to learn how to recognize what works for you, what doesn’t, when you are being a bit too ridiculous, and what you will not make exceptions for. Life’s too short to work hard at something that just isn’t meant to be anyway… whether that is a relationship, a friendships, an acquaintance, whatever…it’s necessary to learn to cut the rope when needed. #byefelcias


There will inevitably be specific moments of clarity

They feel few and far between but there are phases and moments where it all makes sense and your path and direction are clear.


You will feel a little wave of depression from time to time about going to work everyday and will contemplate moving to Hawaii and selling snow cones instead (or something like that).

There are moments of existentialism when being a young professional. Like, is this it? You just work, work, work, and then you die? It makes you understand those people who move to islands and live simpler lives. (Per my example above).


Who you are at 20, will not be who you are at 29. And if it is? Rethink some things.

I laugh when I think how much I have changed. All that in just a decade? Sheesh!

Your parents were right about most everything.

Their experience is a one-up and as it turns out, they were right about the majority of things.


Time really does fly.

It doesn’t stop! It can be overwhelming. That whole annoying thing “adults” used to do when they said “Oh my Gosh, it’s the holidays already? It seemed like it was just December last week!” welp, that ish is no joke. So true!


Exercise actually does make you feel great.

You’ll have a new respect for P.E. (and nap time if we are on this topic…)


You are what you eat. Legit.

That extra slice of pizza will not make you feel that great. I mean, I personally still think its worth it. But, you know… food really is medicine and when you chose not to pick the healthy stuff, you’re body will let you know about it.


Keep your passions in your life are important…for your sanity…

Writing, singing, theater… all that jazz is still in my life because it makes me happy. This balance is necessary for my well-being. Find yours!



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