There are a few simple things in life that I try to focus on when things get stressful. These are the things that always bring joy and they are very simple to come by. It kind of goes by that “the best things in life are free” idea. Hugs, talking to friends, sleep, affection, taking in a pretty view…. the basics. I think these are the things we should focus on when maybe everything around us seems to get a little bit…crazy. And with the world today? Whoo! A whole lotta crazy is lurking everywhere!

One of the main things that always brings bits of joy and happiness is a good meal. Sometimes it’s nice to just focus on something that is so simple, eating good food with good people. In cultures across the world, sitting down and enjoying dinner is what they revolve their whole day around. Even in Europe, they take the time when dining. This is one of the things that I think makes me a foodie. I love the experience that surrounds eating. I also love experimenting with new flavors and cooking in general.

Of course, living in a city like San Francisco that is notorious for excellent hospitality and quality in the food and beverage industry, leaves me always feeling like there is something good to explore. I was so thrilled when I finally got the opportunity to try Sauce.

My experience there taught me one main thing- they know how to do classics VERY WELL. I tried so many amazing appetizers from their heirloom and corn salad, to their famous clam chowder, to tomato soup, to homemade sausage (you heard me right), to an app dish filled with wontons, portobello fries with homemade ranch, deviled eggs, and delicious cured bacon. Not to mention, the scrumptious grilled cheese and tomato soup dippers were mouthwatering! It was like comfort and bar food elevated. Everything was delicious, flavorful, and just want the doctor ordered!

The cocktails were additionally amazing. I opted for a mojito but did have a taste of the Moscow Mule… both refreshing, light and paired perfectly with all the rich foods!


Four the main courses, they had chicken parmesan, steak, and of course, my favorite meat to eat, salmon (which was cooked to perfection!)

Afterwards we were treated to some amazing desserts of bite sized donuts and sweet treats among the s’more and peanut butter and jelly family. VERY innovative, different and of course, delicious!

Another awesome addition to Sauce is Sleep, their bed and breakfast that is a little surprise piece of their venue. I had no idea they offered both a place to enjoy amazing food, but also to stay in. It’s the perfect option for anyone who wants a unique place to stay while visiting SF, and who might spend a few nights across the way at the opera or a ballet! Being in Hayes Valley, it’s definitely an ideal location for a visit!


For more information check out their menus here:

And if you are interested in the BnB life, booking information can be found here:

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