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As I have been on the road to wedding planning, I have noticed it is the little details that I love and appreciate most. It is the sweet bits of advice that family have told me, thoughtful cards and gifts from friends, and just the very idea that we have committed to the fact that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. I love these little moments and details so much that I know that for my own planning, I want to make sure that every little nook and cranny of our events are filled with something that is thoughtful, sweet, or reflective of us.


The thing about weddings is that it is not just an opportunity to share your love story of you and your partner with everyone in your life and celebrate it, but it’s an opportunity to celebrate your love story you have with your parents, siblings, and friends too. Anyone that is important in your life plays a part in making this day special. It’s another incentive for me to make sure that everything I wear, give, and bring into this day have a little bit of heart and soul.


One of those details is the robes that the bride and maids wear while getting ready. That morning of your wedding day is a significant part in the whole process as the brides’ nearest and dearest are together and enjoy the calm before the storm. It is also another time in the day where you take some memorable and beautiful pictures. So, to add something fun, gorgeous, and meaningful into the mix will definitely be a priority for me.


Luckily, I don’t have to look very far. My close friend Lindsay just launched an amazing brand Robed with Love. We have been friends for 11 years and the girl has always had a love for fashion and clothing. In her career, she has expanded her knowledge working for some amazing companies in the fashion industry and eventually going solo as a broker. As she has started Robed with Love, I couldn’t be more proud of her and this passion project. It really comes from the heart… and this is the beginning of it all in her own words:

“I got married in November of 2016. After spending months searching for the perfect gift for my bridesmaids I decided to make my own. There wasn’t anything on the market that met my standards. I wanted a gift that was feminine, classy, and unique. I also wanted to add an element of customization that recognized the importance of their role on my wedding day but I didn’t want the customization to deter my friends from utilizing the gift in the future. No #billboardbridesmaid. 🙂 


I ultimately designed #TheHildyRobe – a high-fashion, embroidered, illusion sleeve bridal robe named after my mom. The Hildy Robe includes a pre-customized label that reads either “Bridesmaid” or “Maid of Honor.” I received such wonderful feedback from my bridesmaids and other vendors involved in my wedding; wedding planner, hair stylist, etc. The months following I had people emailing me if they could purchase one. It was at that moment I realized I had something that people also felt was missing in the marketplace. 
When I started getting together my marketing materials, I realized that the branding of my company was very important to me. I wanted to do 3 things. I wanted to bring back the heart in the art of fashion  by 1.  giving back to community 2. for friendship and 3. with love. It was important to me that the branding to feel more personal and intentional. I wanted people to feel like they were buying from a friend, not a corporate company. So I achieved this by 1. deciding I would donate 5% of all proceeds to US based charities 2. I would create a presentation of the robes that was dedicated to the thoughtful process of gift giving and 3. for love, I decided to include complimentary greeting cards my customers could use to express their sentiments of love to their bridesmaids. Fortunately my mom is a wonderful artist and my cousin is a popular inspirational blogger. So I decided I would share their gifts with my customers, yet another way of creating a very personal customer experience. 
The experience seems to be translating as I have received very positive feedback thus far:
“I finally got to open up the package — everything is BEAUTIFUL!  So gorgeously made! I am excited and proud to gift them with these robes!!!”

“I’ve been going back and forth on the ones on BHLDN (Yumi Kim ones) and the Plum Pretty Sugar Ones, and yours is the best.”
“I just absolutely love your robes. More than any others I’ve seen.”
  How amazing is that? It is basically everything a bride could ever want. Lindsay has successfully created a brand with unique, intricate pieces that incorporate personal touches with words and art from family members close to her. This creates such a special, personal connection with customers that brings back the art into commerce. She really did what she set out to do and that was to give something that comes from the heart. Not to mention, the 5% of proceeds going to charity really bring positive intention into an important purchase.
There are three colors that are offered at Robed with Love. There is white for the bride, pink, and blue and white stripes.
Lucky for me, I got to practice wearing my robe so I could show you all the gorgeous details, especially my favorite part- the sleeves! It’s just as comfortable as it is stunning and absolutely different than anything else out there. I feel very lucky to get to wear these beautiful threads on my wedding day. Of course it is because of the amazing message, details, and thoughtful additions Lindsay has added but because they are Lindsay’s- someone who is very special to me and who I’m happy to have a token of hers on this important day in my life.

If you are a fellow lil bride-to-be or know someone getting married and wanna spread the word, SHOP ROBED WITH LOVE HERE. For 12% off 4 or more robes, use code JENNAROSE!

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