Eat Drink SF… and a Little Bit of Steph (Curry)

Sometimes I look back on child-me and laugh thinking that I was ever a picky eater. I definitely wasn’t as bad as some kids but my sister absolutely outdid me as a child when it came to adventurous eating (she even tried octopus at 3.. a story that will live in infamy).

And though it took a while for my pallet to fully develop, it made it there, I’ll say! (And I even like octopus too now and credit it as being one of the best meals I had while visiting Spain a few years ago). I’m so grateful too because growing into a foodie has been a creative outlet I’ve never dreamed it could be…. not only has it honed up my kitchen skills big time but it has given me the opportunity to explore some DELICIOUS amazing spots to eat all around the world…most especially in San Francisco once I started blogging.

So all this considered, I was, of course, so excited to explore Eat Drink SF this year with Jason. The access to all these phenomenal food and beverage vendors really gave an excellent opportunity to try new things and since we were lucky enough to get in a wee bit early, we had a head start on scoping out the place and getting to know all the chefs and products.

For those of you who don’t know, Eat Drink SF is a huge expo and festival of food and drink with vendors from all over the Bay Area serving specialities for everyone to try. Jason and I had a blast trying out all the different options, sipping on wine and cocktails, and learning about new eateries and places to explore in more depth.

Our favorites were all things seafood and cured meats. We loved anything and everything that had salmon, lox, and shrimp including this seafood soup that was out of this world! It had hints of cilantro and jalapenos and was the perfect kick to pair with the fish! However, there was a bacon wrapped fig that really just made my little heart soar. The flavors of sweet, salty (and a little bit greasy) were mouthwatering and admittedly, we went back there a couple times. (Totally guilty!)

I learned about a lot of new places but some great staples I am familiar with were there too like Bi-Rite, Waterbar, Almond Breeze, Pacific Catch, and Ben and Jerry’s. (Yup, we washed down all the food with ice cream!)

Not only was the food out of this world, but the decor and style of the booths were awesome and super reflective of the brands of each place. Surprise, surprise, this is of course something that I appreciate as a blogger but it is also important in the restaurant industry-ambiance and aesthetic. There was also a booth to take a picture with the Warrior’s latest NBA trophy as a nod to our champions and the Bay Area roots of the festival!

We later watched some cooking demonstrations, caught up with my fellow blogger friends, and generally just spent our Friday feeling lucky to have access that is close to home. It was such an amazing opportunity that made us leave a little bit tipsy, a lot a bit happy, and most definitely full in our tummies.

Check out some of the shots below of the experience… there’s quite a bit! Everything seemed to be prettier than the last so we didn’t really stop snapping. I hope you love food photos as much as I do…!


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