The Thing That Surprised Me the Most When Getting Engaged

To simply put it. I have been overcome with emotion. The idea of him planning, buying and making it all official, it feels really special and heartfelt. We have been a team for years but it does feel a bit more set in stone (pun not intended) and if anything I feel like we’ve gotten even closer. The effort and meaning behind the whole thing just really hit close to home and made me feel more grateful than ever before.

Of course the joy and happiness of our families to officially be able to welcome the other sides into their own families is great. It really is fun to see our parents happiness at this new phase of our lives together… (and I’m sure for the prospect that they think that grandkids aren’t that far off… but in actuality… they still are…haha)

Additionally, all the outpouring love, gifts, cards, sweet messages, dinners, and celebrations our friends have done for us has made me feel even more appreciative. I’m so proud and honored that I have built relationships with such wonderful people who find it exciting to partake on the joy of this special moment our lives. Feeling even more united with him was expected of course, but to have that feeling with all my nearest and dearest was a happy realization too.

Ultimately, when it comes to getting married, I am excited for this next stage of our lives and relationships. I could marry Jason anywhere and be happy but as far as planning goes, I am so excited for our wedding. It is the one time in our lives that everyone we love we be together and if the last couple months has been any indication for the happiness of that actual day, I know it will be overwhelmingly joyful.

I know this journey is different for everyone but if I had any advice or insight after going through it a bit, it’s to soak it all in and focus on what it’s really all about… the next phase of commitment -and that’s something to feel pretty grateful and thrilled over!


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