Shop Feminine Fall Florals at Old Navy

Summer is dwindling down and it is back-to-school time! (The only reason I know this is because my nephew just started first grade today…or else I would have lost track of all such kid-related calendars into my adulthood!)

This means that there are lots of sales and new lines coming into your favorite stores. And while we will be definitely inundated with warm colors, soft sweaters, and thicker materials, florals in dark colors are definitely great options to keep your wardrobe a bit lighter, softer, and feminine still during the upcoming autumn months.

Old Navy has an amazing collection this season of your favorite basics but they are also full of gorgeous patterns that add a bit more variety, flirtiness, and fun! Be sure to check them out by shopping below!

I picked this little blouse with the peek-a-boo shoulders that I thought was perfect for fall. September and October in the city are more summery so it was light and fitting for our own season and the deep colors still keep that fall theme fresh since even though it will still feel like summer, I do love the autumn spirit.


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