How I Stay Healthy Through the Busy Days: FIJI Water

I am a firm believer that no matter how busy you get, you still need to prioritize your health. Always do what you have to do that makes you feel good and function at your best. Those things need to take precedence over other to-dos because without our health and when we don’t feel well, the quality of any other project, work, or event goes down. What’s the point then, right?

We all have our individual regimens whether that is a run in the morning, meal prepping on Sundays, face masks every Monday during the Bachelor, group workout classes a couple times a week, yoga in the evenings, kombucha brewing, or a cocktail of vitamins every morning. Everyone usually has something they do that makes them feel relaxed, healthy and rejuvenated (other than the daily glass of wine).

My personal regimen includes pampering myself at least once a week by doing the full shaving of the legs, s face mask, teeth whitening and hair washing and masking. Taking magnesium, fish oil, psyllium fiber, probiotics, and a women’s daily vitamin every morning (I swear by fish oil for my skin, magnesium for my stress and fiber for my tum!) Additionally, Wednesday night Zumba class, and breaking a sweat and going into the sauna at least 3 days at the gym. However, with my schedule being so busy, I often have to rearrange my schedule to fit these things in so it’s hard to stay consistent but there is ONE thing- and one of the most important things- I make sure to stay on top of and that is HYDRATING!

Anything else we do to make ourselves feel good becomes null if we aren’t properly hydrated. Luckily, FIJI water is easy to toss in my bag (and let’s be honest is cute with that hibiscus logo) and is  is natural, unfiltered water AND  it is untouched until you open it, giving you a quality in taste that is delicious, crisp and straight from the earth.

What’s more is there are 100% naturally occurring electrolytes in FIJI water which not only keeps me hydrated while I am working at my desk, running from errand to errand, planning an event, but also, gives me a great boost while I am exercising! It’s SO much better than sugary drinks that are full of electrolytes but kill all your workout efforts wit the extra sugar included.

Luckily, to get this quality water, I don’t even have to run to the store (which would just add one more thing on my to-do list), they deliver right to my door! It’s convenient and I appreciate any way that allows me to make it easy to keep healthy habits in my life! The delivery is free for FIJI and the cost is affordable, making it completely worth it! They also offer all different sizes which make it convenient to throw in a gym bag or purse, or even pass around at events being hosted!

Try this amazing delivery service of the unparalleled quality of FIJI water. Keep the number one thing you can do for your health-hydrating-easy and efficient! Even when you are busy and all else on the list of things to do fails- drinking water will keep you ahead of the program!


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