Feminine and Fun: Shop Rollick

I am always up for finding new, fun places to shop! When going to the same old stores, you end up wearing the same old thing. I love when I wear something and people ask where I bought it because it’s so unique or different that they know it doesn’t come from a familiar store or brand.

As far as my own fashion sense goes, I love mixing styles and looks and have a firm belief in any decor or fashion that opposite attracts. Mixing it up with colors, feminine looks, bohemian looks, tailored looks, tomboy looks etc. and just combining different things to make one great one! It makes shopping so much more fun!

Luckily, my friend Kelly started Rollick which is amazing online shopping experience that speaks to girls and women who like to have fun with their clothes and appreciate fun textures, patterns, colors, and even some wittiness! Kelly has created a brand that is fun, relatable, and offers some amazing pieces that will add an extra spark to your wardrobe.

This particular blouse really called to me because I LOVED the crochet texture and soft pink color. You can dress it up or down and it’s my new staple. Plus the flowy, comfortableness of it makes it want to grab it practically every morning when picking out what I need to wear.

Check out Rollick now for more amazing pieces!!


Photos my none other than the talented Amy Webster!


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