My Nighttime Routine

The only thing I don’t like about getting prepped and ready to curl up into bed is that there is a slight anxiety of having to wake up. I’m a big sleeper, not a morning person, and have been known to get a little too friendly with my snooze button.

Even when I was younger, my dad used to have to open up all the shutters on the windows and come in a few times to make sure I was “up and ready” on time for school. It was definitely a process and I mastered young the art of getting dressed, fed and ready in under 20 minutes.

But of course, how successful my nighttime routine goes usually directly reflects on the kind of morning I will have.

Pick Out Clothes for the Next Day

Whenever I do this, I dress cuter and actually have the time to piece through my closet and find all those pairs of pants and blouses that I forgot existed! I always just make sure to check the weather because sometimes when it is foggy out, all I want to do is wear the most comfy thing I own just out of laziness so being prepared gives me an extra edge.

Get my Gym Bag Ready

Rather than running around and trying to remember socks, sneakers, gym clothes, and flip flops to shower in, it just better in general that I do those things prior.

Make Lunch

If I have the food, I like to make sure I make a lunch to bring to work. It saves so much money during the week and it is simply one of those chores I cannot fit in in the AM unless it’s one of those freak days I wake up early.


I am a big nighttime showerer. This is partly because my hair is naturally curly and to wash it, straighten it and get it done right, it takes more time than I have in the mornings. I also love showering at night because I love getting into my sheets feeling clean and fresh. I love it even more when the sheets themselves are clean and fresh!

Face Routine

I have had a nighttime face routine since I was a teenager thanks to my mom. She really instilled a great regimen and habit in my sister and I so I always make sure my face is washed and make up is removed. Then I put on toner, serum, under eye cream, and moisturizer… in that order! It’s done me good so far!


I like to sit in bed and lather up my skin with the little extra care it needs. I usually do this while I’m entertained with the next point….

Read or Watch the Office/Friends

Nothing like relaxing to a good book or an old TV show that you can depend on to quiet down your inner voice and get those calm vibes.

Light Candles/Essential Oils

Occasionally I’ll light a candle and will usually use my essential oils that I find to be de-stressing. It’s one of my favorite parts of my routine!

Tricks: Always invest in quality bedding! Everything from mattresses to pillows to sheets to comforters. We spend a friendly chunk of our lives in our beds so we might as well make them be the best of the best! Leesa offers some great mattresses that can definitely help with this!


I definitely think everyone has little things they do that help them get ready for a good nights rest and I am open and welcome to hearing any suggestions! I love trying to keep any stress or anxiety at bay so I appreicate any advice! I also find doing meditation apps and stretching gives me good sleep juju too!


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