My Favorite Decor in Our Home

I love our little apartment. Though sometimes I think we are quickly outgrowing it because every time we clean and one thing is out of place (or something new comes in), it feels like everything is a mess again. The joys of city living! (sigh). It does though keep me from keeping things we don’t use and forces me to go through and regorangize and de-clutter on the regular.

Regardless of that, it is cozy and we are so busy in our lives right now that investing in an actual home is still later on the horizon. I do think though since this is where we go to rest, relax, and feel safe and comfortable that I wanted to surround ourselves with decor and pieces that are comfortable and reflective of what we like. One of my favorite places for inspiration on this front is Havenly. They really allow you to figure out what works for you and what may not which is great for those of you who may feel a bit more indecisive.

We have a fancy tv and music set up complete with a record player for him… and a karaoke machine and full bookshelf for me. I think the part in the house I am most proud of it our collage wall in the kitchen as it has pieces that are reminders of trips or things that bring us happy memories. I am also pretty proud of our book shelf. I somehow managed to make it feel organized and chic without being too girly (which was his only request).

It took me a few tries to put it together in such a way that I felt looked organized yet stylish but once I got there, I was proud. We have a lot of trinkets on there but I think what I love most is our JW signs. They are my favorite thing because I have always really loved that we share initials. I think it’s pretty fun so this was a perfect addition to our house. I also was so excited when I found them in gold because it tied in so many of the other pieces we had to include.

It is one of the first things you see when you walk into the living room, it looks clean, and it is just a sweet little tribute to one of the first things we realized we had in common.



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