A Fresh Take on Homemade Popsicles

Some of my favorite summer days when I was little were filled with smells of sunscreen, hours in the pool with my family, and looking forward to a cooling popsicle treat that, when I was reeeeallly young, I would successfully dribble down the front of my polka dot one piece while sitting on a lounge chair in the sun with my Aladdin beach towel. (Pure bliss!)

These days, I still look forward to a popsicle but I like to get a bit more creative and make ’em homemade! And since I have been a bit more health conscious in recent months, so I can stay in shape and feel fit, I have switched up the usual juice to an amazing tea- Tea Drops to be exact!

These drops are not only delicious but adorable! They come in shapes (and look kind of like candy or fruit snacks) and you can just drop them right into your water and they will dissolve. They are coated with organic sugar so they are sweet from a natural source- no artificial ones here! They are so full of flavor too that you get this loose leaf, well-seeped tea experience without the hassle and fuss of the actual loose leaves (that you, of course, are bound to spill all over the counter).

Not only that, Tea Drops are also environmentally friendly and considerate with their packaging. They also help contribute to a cause that brings clean water to those in need so they not only deliver a wonderful product but they set a great example of what small businesses should do.

And of course, the flavor and quality of the tea itself is fantastic SO I wanted to get a little creative with my tea and create a sweet treat. I thought of integrating the drops into a frosting recipe (yummy!), or just serving it OG-style in a warm cuppa paired with a slice of pie. However, since it’s the warm summer months, I was taken straight back to those happy memories eating a popsicle by the pool and knew instantly, I should create healthy, refreshing tea popsicles.

I simple just created the tea in all different flavors and put them into my popsicle molds. After a day of freezing, I had a cooling dessert that satisfied that sweet craving without overloading me on any more carbs or heavy foods! It was a big hit in our house and is the perfect solution to be a bit healthier when wanting a treat on a warm summer night. Enjoy!

P.S. … if you want to try, use code TEADROPWITHJENNA for 10%. Happy sipping, recipe creating, and eating!


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