No Cocktails? No Problem! How to Go Dry in Style

Summertime usually consists of a calendar filled with fun events…. and these events always call for a spritzer, rose, cocktail, mimosa, or two…. or five. With trying to be fit, staying healthy, or saving those cocktails for the big events like weddings or bachelorette parties rather than just random nights out or BBQs, it can be hard.

I have a solution.

I find that people usually don’t ask questions if there’s a drink (no matter what) in hand (however, don’t cave to peer pressure, if you don’t want a drink, NO ONE should be bugging you about it… or else they are annoying and who needs that?). More so though, if you are just having some cocktail FOMO while trying to keep on top of any fitness or general feel-good goals, there is no reason that you shouldn’t have a little fun. Don’t be bland because you are opting for another way!

I love Sparkling Ice’s fruity waters. They are fizzy, delicious, no calories, and a great way to hydrate. They have some delectable flavors too like Black Raspberry, Orange Mango, Cherry Limeade,  and Kiwi Strawberry… (I personally grabbed the peach flavor only because I have been on a bit of a peach rampage this summer-just call me James- but I LOOOOVEEEE the Kiwi Strawberry one too!)

The best thing though is that the extra bubbles have that festive feeling you get from champagne and when you add some flair like cute wine labels and straws, you have a little more fun that will keep you in the party mood without the extra booze.

Add berries, lemon, cucumbers, mint, or whatever coinciding flavors you think pair well with your chosen Sparkling Ice flavor for an extra twist (literally). Orange Mango and Peach go with lemon well. Cherry Limeade and of course, limes! And strawberries added to Kiwi Strawberry and blueberries to Black Raspberry or all good choices. Mint is also phenomenal with peach!

There is no reason that going dry should mean you can’t have fun. Do you, make the right choices, and add some extra sparkle to your bevies!


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