Italian Collective: A Quality Brand for Women

Being Italian and my heritage has always resonated with me. I am lucky enough to feel very proud to be an American but also close enough to a generation of native Italians in my family where I was able to really feel the joy of being a part of my “motherland”.

I love the food, the history, the music, the clothes, the location, the cities, and the culture. Not to mention, the language.. I don’t think there is another one as beautiful! So, naturally, when I came across Italian Collective brand via IG (thanks Instagram!) I had to learn more.

As you may know, Italy is well established in the fashion world for creating quality, cutting-edge, innovative pieces and the origin of Italian Collective and their founder are straight from Milan. The thing about European fashion, and just lifestyle in general, is that they concentrate on quality. In America, we are used to excess but the key to living healthy in many facets is the rule of quality over quantity. To have less of something great is better than having a lot of something mediocre.

Italian Collective was built on the idea of creating, custom quality shirts that can be in your closet for years to come. You can really invest in your clothing. Not only that, they are created by artisans who are experts in the craft of making beautiful clothes. This gives women some amazing jobs that have been taken over by factories. To that point, the lack of factories is simply more beneficial for the environment. So, through Italian Collective, you get this amazing piece of clothing that came to you by this wonderful, authentic process. How amazing is that? Nothing better than living your life in clothes that are art or have a story.

Aside from this, you can really appreciate how much better a well fitted, well made shirt looks on you. There is a tailored quality that make you feel comfortable and effortless. Be sure to shop around and check out some amazing things they create here.


The bow in the series above was such a delicate touch and the ruffles in the shirt below are my favorite. The pink and the navy are also really gorgeous colors that created a great addition to all these photos. Check out the amazing photographer and Italian Collective marketer Lola and her work here. Also, the amazing prosecco (yum!) is from another awesome Italian brand, A.G. Ferrari.

Thank you to everyone who made this amazing, fun post possible!


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