Travel Guide: The Hamptons

The Hamptons. I know what you are thinking- Gossip Girl, P. Diddy White Parties, Showtime’s The Affair, city socialite time shares, boujee beach blowout bonanzas, Tory Burch style, sunny days, sea food, pinot grigio… Oh, I got you! All the fabulous, luxurious stereotypes and labels that come with mentioning the most gorgeous tip of Long Island will instantly pop into mind The truth? It’s absolutely as fabulous as they say it is.

Now I think white parties sound pretentious and I watched Gossip Girl because I love Blake Lively’s clothes, but my experience traveling to this popular, summer beach spot for New Yorkers had just as much fun, style, flair, and relaxation as one would think. And though we got boujee a couple times (beach yoga and champagne toasts!), it was to celebrate one of the most amazing friends for her bachelorette. All-in-all the whole trip was amazing.

I had previously been to the Hamptons a few years ago for a friend from college’s wedding so I had seen the sensational beach views and quaint (and not-so-quaint aka LARGE) homes that can be found there. I was so excited to go back and really explore the area a bit more. I have lived all over California – Bay Area, LA, and San Diego so I am well acquainted with the beach life in my home state. However, New York beach life, particularly, the Hamptons, had so much more style and finesse that I have ever found in the laid-back surfer hippie vibes of oceanside CA. Both are great, but it was so fun to have a change of scenery.

For the weekend, we had a full agenda and it ended up being very memorable. We had a gorgeous Airbnb that provided the perfect setting to play fun bachelorette party games, do a few champagne bongs (champ-bong), BBQ, sit around a bonfire, and enjoy our time together while we weren’t out exploring all the shops, breweries, beaches, and hot spots! Below though are a few highlights to share if you are planning a trip there.


Beach Bars

So one of the nights we headed on our to some bars and they were so much more than the bars I am used to going to. Of course, its a vacation spot, so it can be expected to find a little bit more of an upscale experience. The bars were on the beach, some played old movies, had bonfires, and all had great music and cocktails. Prepare to get sandy though! The vibe was always summery, happy, and relaxed people soaking in their time away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Gurney’s Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa

This place was phenomenal with amazing views and top-of-the-line everything. Some girls decided to get spa treatments like facials or massages, others decided to exercise in their gym (me and Amanda) and we all met up for some time in their quiet room, steam room, and sauna. After we pampered ourselves, we for a dip in the seawater pool, laid out, and took in the views while toasting our beautiful bride-to-be with some champagne. Ok, boujee, check! (It was one of my favorite things we did the whole weekend!)

Yoga on the Beach

A yoga instructor came out to take us to remote part of East Hampton so we could enjoy a yoga practice on the beach. It was serene, relaxing, calming, and such a wonderful, humbling experience that kept us feeling good throughout the day and gave us a chance to really take in the moment. Yoga’s voice for gratitude is always a wonderful reminder to enjoy the present and when you are on a vacation like that, it’s a fantastic time to do it.

The Lobster Roll

It should come as no shock that I love food and I have a special place in my heart for seafood- especially calamari, oysters, cioppino, anything salmon, poke, and lobster rolls! With a beach town like the Hampton, you have to make sure you hit up some good seafood! The Lobster Roll has been made famous by the Showtime Series, The Affair, (P.S. I hate the character Noah in that show so much …I digress) so we definitely knew we had to stop by and make it the place to enjoy a good, ole, classic, juicy lobster roll. I was not disappointed.

Montauk Brewing Company

Because what is a trip to Long Island / the Hamptons without checking out a delicious brewery? The only time I will ever say this is about beer: the blonder the better. ;o) #brunettepower.. just kidding but since there was not a single blonde among our group, I guess for the sake of this trip, it is a fitting joke. But seriously, the beer was delicious and the general vibe was fun, happy with live music, kids, cute puppies, and happy people everywhere.

There were lots of great memories and details to the trip- but these were some goodies. Enjoy!


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