How to Spruce Up Your Salad

I’ve been trying to make my beloved carbs take a back seat. It sucks. I won’t lie. But you know what else? There are lots of other delicious things out there and delicious ways to eat things that you love just as much. You can still have your favorites- just modified a bit and big ole thanks to OrganicGirl butter lettuce, I can have that big juicy summer burger or meaty sandwich I’ve been craving without the added bread. Win-win!

However, I am a fan of their lettuce and dressings alone so I don’t feel deprived when I chose them for my lunch. I find what really makes me feel satisfied in meals, is not only the consistency but the flavors and taste. These dressings nail it every time and are fantastic for crudite dipping as well.

The lemon agave pairs well with chicken and other herbs on the butter lettuce salad while I love the pomegranate one to pair with fruit and nuts. However, I am a big cheese fan and nothing could compare to the scrumptiousness of the white cheddar dressing. The lettuce is fresh too so I get some great flavor and extra crunch that really helps my cravings feel met and that I am not sacrificing anything. Big flavor makes all the difference! They also have a butter lettuce mixed in with greens too so you get some more dynamic tastes that is also a great addition to your salads and other meals.

Another thing that I love about OrganicGirl is quality. They are organic, triple washed, delivered in 100% recyclable  plastic, grown from curated seeds and the are such high quality, the produce lasts a lot time. Can’t go wrong because with my busy lifestyle, it’s hard to stay healthy and eat fresh fruits and veggies because I don’t always have the time to shop.

Try it out, spruce up your salads, your lunches, your sandwiches and meals! Make healthy choices and don’t feel like you have to give up anything good because it is already delish!

Oh and sorry for the un-blogger like wrinkly blanket. I was too hungry and busy scarfing down my salad to care at the time. ;o)


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