SF Isn’t the Only Place That Has My Heart….. Austin Through My Eyes

Now San Francisco is home. It’s beautiful, the Bay Area has great weather, there are gorgeous mini vacas to take in basically every direction, and we have exposure to amazing sports, theater, restaurants, hikes-the works!

However, I love to travel and from my travels…I have seen a lot of other wonderful cities and one of my absolute favorites is Austin! I have some good friends who currently live and previously lived there, and after some long visits, I have come to realize it is honestly, to be frank, a kick-ass place to live and I will tell you why…

Texas Hospitality

Southern hospitality is a real thing and I love the friendly faces, welcoming demeanor, and bright smiles (and sometimes big hair ;)) that comes my way whenever I’m in the South. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and I think that’s true, especially when it comes to their hosting skills!


I loooove good BBQ and there is no place to get it like the South. They know the power of butter, braised, and sauces and they use it the best way possible. The thing with BBQ though is it’s not only the meat that I find to me so scrumptious, it’s the sides too! Give me all the mac and cheese, baked beans, potato salad, Mexican rice, and fries that one can muster and I’m a happy camper! I love trying all the varieties of BBQ sauces too. I usually prefer a little sweet, but I don’t turn down a good mesquite either! (Are you drooling too right now?)

Best Bars

Rainey Street is host to some amazing bars, live music joints, and beer gardens that have so much space and character that it makes the mundane scene of just going out and sitting at a bar, exciting and new again! There are games, artisan food and drinks, and quaint homes that have turned into amazing night life spots. All the awesome street food is pretty phenomenal too!

Live Music

It’s a live music capital so expect some great bands, amazing singers, and talented musicians to liven up just about any joint. There is basically a quality, fun concert around every corner and it adds so much flavor, culture and layers to the city.

Nearby Lakes 

There are some gorgeous lakes and bodies of water nearby- especially in Tarrytown that will give that little desert heat a nice balance. There are also great opportunity to houseboat and play water sports because of it too!


Aside from all the wonderful things I can say about Austin to sing it’s praises, this is one of the most important. Not only is the economy growing and businesses constantly expanding out there, it is dang affordable compared to CA and I love the amazing quality of homes, space, land and amenities you can get there for a fraction of CA’s cost.


Austin definitely has a little bit of everything needed to live a happy, balanced life! There is something for everyone whether its the local Longhorn’s sports, theater, music, or delicious restaurants… you can’t go wrong!


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