Hydrate in Style with Perrier Watermelon

The heat is on and the sun is shining! It’s the time of year where you can take a break on those Vitamin D supplements (unless of course, Karl the Fog comes in for the day- as you can see from photos) and grab those sunnies and sunscreen instead!

You know what else this means? Less clothes…. and less clothes mean a stricter workout regimen! Between runs on the pier with Bay views, Zumba at the Bay Club, and dates with bae (aka Stairmaster- that thing’ll work ya!), I am busy with my sweat-it-up schedule. Because of all the beach days ahead of me, I am committed to getting in the shape I want so staying hydrated is extra important. Tough workouts and sun- it’ll take it out of you!

Now I love water- it cures headaches, tun-aches, and genuinely just makes ya feel better! And I love it alone but also love tossing fruit and lemons into it for extra flavor so when I came across Perrier’s new sparkling water flavors, I was so excited! Especially with them being watermelon and strawberry, my forever preferences.

Whether I go for a walk or a run outside, take a class, or do some strength training session, I also make sure to replenish and these Perrier drinks just make me look forward to it a little bit more. I once read an article that investing in cute workout clothes will make you more excited to be active and I feel like investing in fun way to replenish that energy, can do the same!  (And how chic and pretty do they look next to the city backdrops, no?)

Be sure to check Perrier’s new watermelon flavor out! They are relish, no boring water this summer. Also, need some inspiration on getting in shape this summer… follow my favorite things to do to keep up my fitness!

Zumba-or Dancing in General

Go to a workout class where there is music – Zumba, Bollywood, Jazzercise, anything!- and find the most fun way to workout! I swear I never think about how hard I’m working, just how great the music and vibe is! Can’t get to a class, just bust out that old school playlist on Spotify and unleash your inner Beyonce. The calories you burn are insane, I swear.

Going for a walk mid-day

Now, I love lounging and couch time but since I’m a writer and sit at a desk all day most days, I really appreciate breaking up the day and curing stiff muscles by going for a walk. If you get an app that tracks your steps too, you will be surprised by the difference it can make!

7 Minute Workout App

It’s quick, it kicks your butt, and you can do it anywhere. It’s the best way to get in what you need without leaving the house.


It’s amazing how much better I feel when I commit some time each day to stretching! Those muscles need some TLC.

Integrating Workouts into Chores 

Doing the dishes? Do squats while you put things in lower drawers. Brushing your teeth? Calf raises are perfect! Get creative in doing little things that can sometimes go a long way.



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