When Life Gets Overwhelming…

The other day, I had an evening to myself. I was so excited! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my boyfriend, he is my favorite person- but after hours of NBA Finals (Go Warriors) and mostly, listening to Charles Barkley talk for 10 years, I was looking forward to coming home and having full reign of the TV and some quiet time. Life has been pretty hectic.

I grabbed a Doughbies cookie and sat down on the couch where I proceeded to binge-watch Sex and the City episodes. I took a break and put some clothes away (might as well get some organizing done when I can- this kind of time is a rarity) and had the TV on pause to where eventually, it un-paused and brought me back to live TV.

That show was on in the background- the new one on ABC where it is in the dog’s perspective “Downward Dog”. I wasn’t paying much attention until the dog’s ending monologue really caught me off guard. To sum up what I heard, it talked about how dogs are just happy to be in the present, and with the people we love. They don’t worry about all the details, they just have a few things that really make them happy and that’s all that matters.

It felt so kismet that I would hear this and the TV went back to live when it did. This was absolutely something I needed to hear. Life is beyond busy lately. For one thing, there are just the everyday things like work, laundry, exercising, spending time with your s/o, catching up with friends, going grocery shopping, making dinner, paying bills…. you know, just things that make life tick. On top of it, there are vacations, parties, birthdays, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties that are taking full force in our lives as priorities as well.

It’s a lot and sometimes I feel not only overwhelmed with the scheduling and tasks at hand but with the fact that life is just passing us by. It really is short and before I know it, so many things will be done and gone and I don’t think I take enough time really breathing in and enjoying the present.

So, as I face months filled with a lot of fun, but a lot of scheduling, I’m going to do my best to take in the moments I have to myself and with my boyfriend with more awareness going forward. I have come to accept that life will likely never again have that silky smooth, easygoing vibe that adolescence brings. My summers of reading to the wee hours of the morning, babysitting, and laying out by the pool are a thing of the past. I’m a grown up now (queue sigh) so because time seems to go faster, it is more important to catch the moments while they are happening and soak them in and stay mindful of it.

So next time I’m overwhelmed, I’m going to grab the people and things that are most important and enjoy the moment. 🙂




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  • Diana Maria

    This was a really insightful read. I love that you’re embracing taking time to yourself, I think that’s so important and something we often forget to do when life gets busy! I hope you have a wonderful day xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

    • Hi Diana! Thanks for reading! I know, it really is super easy to get caught up in everything and definitely takes an effort to take a step back. Hope you are having a wonderful day as well! xoxo

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