My Most Healthy Habits (and Unhealthy Ones Too!)

Remember the days when you could just eat as many pieces of pizza dipped in ranch as you pleased and not a single thing about your body felt different afterward? Or when you would make cookies and eat half the dough and then a few more once baked? Or in college, when you could drink all the beer and wake up with the only need of a glass of water and maybe a Chipotle burrito?

These events are reminiscent of fun childhood and teen memories with friends and it is been funny to see how things change as you age. Our metabolism and bodies alter and it is interesting to talk to friends and see the different habits everyone has picked up over the course of the last decade so they can look and feel their best.

I work in hospitality and a sector of our business is sports resorts, so I am constantly around fitness opportunities and lifestyles. It has given me a chance to reflect on my own habits that I have adopted now as an adult and how they keep me feeling fit, healthy, and looking my best.

My most healthy habits….

I have never been addicted to caffeine. I love the smell of coffee but it makes me jittery and other than champagne (my favorite) I don’t drink carbonated drinks. I don’t really like them. My mom banned soda from our home years ago so that was easy to kick. Essentially if I want a little jolt, it comes in the form of green tea. And it is just enough.

I love sleep and make a solid effort to get at least 8 every night. Sleep when you die? Stupid. Then you can’t wake up and feel like ultimate bliss of feeling happy and well rested. I do not run well on less than 8. I can pull off 7 but that’s the very minimum. I love me some 9-10 if I am really going to indulge. Sleep is something I have just never compromised, including in college when I would study. Sleep was a part of my study routine- no all-nighters for me! And you know what? I did pretty dang well so I’m a believer!

I’m not a picky eater. I mean this can be an issue for obvious reasons because I love food but I really like veggies and most things I try. I obviously have my favorites but I am not an order editor. I’m up for trying the newest trendy foods that have now become staples (like quinoa) and I don’t bat an eye about it.

I take  my vitamins, probiotics, and fiber every day. Full disclosure: I don’t have a gall bladder and had to get that removed a few years ago. That event is a whole other story but it has kept me on top of taking more fiber and from that, more vitamins and probiotics that keep me feeling great! My vitamins you ask? Women’s Daily, B, Fish Oil, and Magnesium!

I exercise 2-3 times a week. I have been prone to anxiety my whole life. I have to do this more for my mental state than physical (even though that helps too!). A good sweat session literally makes me feel like I’m extricating my body of stress and I love it!

I make a concerted effort to monitor my stress and anxiety. Not always well. But I do. (see above). I also try to meditate, do acupuncture, and anything I can that may help me when life feels overwhelming or frustrating.

I wear sunscreen on my face every day. My parents were CRAZY about wearing sunscreen and I’m pretty happy about it because I can definitely see the positive effects on my skin after years of wearing sunscreen.

I ALWAYS do my nighttime skincare routine. I was the girl in college who washed my face when coming back from parties WITHOUT FAIL. I hate wearing make up to bed and have stayed religious in my routine from washing, exfoliating, using toner, serum, moisturizer and wrinkle cream. Gotta do it! Nothing is better to me either than a naturally aged, beautiful, clean face. I aim to be that in my latter years.

I stay away from hard alcohol. Half because of the whole gall bladder thing, and half because its pure poison. SO hard on the body and it can’t give me anything different that a good glass of wine.

I make an effort when I can to make my veggies, fruit, meat, and dairy products organic. Especially milk or eggs-no exceptions there! Anything that could have pesticides or anything that comes directly from a body (eggs or milk) HAVE to be organic or else honestly, it sort of grosses me out.

I try to meditate. I can be an intense person. I am focused, well planned, and pretty strong-willed in my thoughts so it’s hard for someone like me to sort of just go-with-the-flow with life gets stressful. (At least I know this right?) So meditation is always something I try (mostly unsuccessfully) to squeeze in during those moments that life is overwhelming.

I don’t keep much in. I’m an open book. My boyfriend – and essentially anyone I’m close to- can attest to that. My heart is on it’s sleeve and I struggle with holding things in. This is a blessing and a curse but it is nice that I don’t let things fester I suppose. There also should be a balance to this but better out than in for the most part!

Acupuncture, Chiropractor… I love ’em! I’m a strong believer in a combination of Eastern and Western medicine. Everything has it’s place and these two services are a bit of both and together, they keep my body feeling aligned, balanced, and well.

I floss everyday. Did you know it affects your heart health? Crazy right! And your teeth feel magical afterwards! Oh and I still wear my retainer a couple times a week!

I like to cuddle. And so does he. (I wonder who will read this now and tease him about it….) BUT I DGAF. Hugs and affection in any shape or form keeps ya happy!

I use natural beauty products for the most part. Any parabens, soy, or harsh chemicals are things that I try to eliminate and honestly, I’m your girl if you have any questions on products that are along this route! I’m a full believer in not putting junk on your skin. It’s an organ!

I drink water and not soda. Soda and juice bad…and don’t quench your thirst either! Now water, water gooooood.

My most unhealthy habits….

I am not a picky eater and I LOVE carbs in all shape and form. I literally do not feel full if bread isn’t a part of a meal. It’s an issue. Bread and cheese are the ultimate weaknesses and if there was an apocalypse, those are the foods I’d pick. AND BUTTER!

I get stressed EASILY and internalize it. As I mentioned, I do get stressed and am an over thinker. It’s definitely not a quality that I love about myself and don’t think it’s always healthy.

I don’t drink during the week really unless it’s an event but that usually equates to 2-3 drinks. Luckily, I don’t like drinking unless it’s paired with food- I really like consumption I guess. But that just makes a total calorie extravaganza.

I have a hard time letting things go. It’s just my natural way and again, it can’t be good! Though I’ve gotten better I think with age.

Ok, I’m after looking at the comparison, I’m feeling pretty good. Any of advice or things to share? Feel free to write me! :o)


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  • I love this style post, Jenna! you’ve given me inspiration to do a similar one. I think it’s great that you haven’t jumped on the caffeine wagon. I love that stuff, hah! I’m totally with you on internalizing stress!

    • Hi Carrie! I’m so glad! Thanks for reading! I love learning about other people’s habits to get some good-feels inspiration so let me know when yours is live! And yes- stress! The magnesium supplements I take with my vitamins have definitely helped!

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