The Whole Soul Company

Sometimes you just want to pamper yourself. There’s nothing quite like warm baths, yummy smelling lotions, and manicured features to make you feel clean, happy, and relaxed. I always said if I won the lottery the first thing I would do is spend a day at the spa getting practically every treatment on the menu and ending with an extra long Swedish massage. (I could shed a small tear right now thinking of it).

So since that, obviously, is not happening, I am all about finding products that can recreate that soothing feeling and atmosphere of an evening at the spa.

There is a new line of products called Whole Soul that are quality in feeling, delicious in smelling, and most importantly, all-natural, so I can feel confident that I am doing my body good and not putting anything harmful on it. Who wants their effort to be wasted with bad-for-you, crumby products?

All their products are toxic-free and filled with sustainable and ethical ingredients that gives your skin a dose of goodness. The creators of the line, Jennifer and Lisa, have the perfect backgrounds and knowledge to put together such a thoughtful, nourishing, and quality line of products. Jennifer is a nurse, life coach, and energy healer while Lisa is a teacher who is the daughter of a 3rd generation farmer and Reiki certified. Together, their experiences, interests, and expertise have been encapsulated in their brand.

Their principals and findings are the core inspiration to creating a beauty line filled with skincare that prioritize health and well-being first. Since I work in marketing, I am always quick to notice the kind of exposure we have to various brands and what I noticed from theirs is Whole Soul is an absolutely perfect name.

And this is only from knowing their story.

Their products? Only further solidified it.

I am Queen of finding natural beauty products but theirsĀ I found to be above parr. They are natural, nourishing, and heavenly smelling. Their roll-ons were perfect for de-stressing and sleep and their Quench lotion is so hydrating and during the day while I’m constantly dealing with paper and using my hands, I love having something yummy and healthy to dip them into. Hands can show your age so it’s always great to keep them moisturized and this product will be sticking with me for a while.

I also LOVED the balm. It’s lavender which is my favorite smell and it makes any chapped feel healed and soft again. It will definitely be a staple in my purse from now on. I also shared it with some friends and had to essentially hunt it out to find it again because everyone loved it so much!

Part of being beautiful as we know, comes from the inside. It is of course your energy and how you treat people but also how well you take care of your body. Health should be the priority and that will radiate out so I love sharing brands that make this their mission and in turn, make women feel good. Check them out!


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